Having difficulty recovering from foot surgery

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by froggypiano, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. froggypiano

    froggypiano New Member

    I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a couple of years ago and I have had difficulty adapting. I have really low times and then some decent times.
    I had foot surgery in September and I was supposed to be able to wear shoes and walk by now, but I'm not recovering well at all. I'm in constant pain and I can't stand for even light fabric to touch my toes and when my foot is cold it doubles the pain.
    I'm not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You!
  2. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Any injuries or surgeries to the foot are EXTREMELY painful because, guess what? you have to walk on them

    My sister had straightening of the bunion (whatever it is called) and I remember her being in so much pain for a long time

    Maybe you are being a little too hard on yourself

    If you are concerned, talked to your doctor

    I started having plantar fasciitis (sp?) pain in my foot in AUGUST and it is mid October and it STILL hurts

    Hang in there
  3. ladybird1

    ladybird1 New Member

    I had a bunionectomy on right foot in 1993. Took close to a year to feel better. Had one on my left foot in 2006. Healed much faster although have bigger scar. Left foot was doing better until my rambunctious Lab pup cut under me and bumped door into my toe. The bone sort of shifted downward (or that's the way it feels) to me. Sometimes it's sensitive, but not for very long.
    When foot does hurt, I put those little Salon Pas pads on the bone. You can get them at local drugsore store or grocery store. Put on a sock and sleep with it on.[This Message was Edited on 10/11/2008]
  4. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    So sorry you are having foot pain.
    I had what they called hammer toe of the one next to the little toe. It was caused from putting my foot in a lawn mower when I was 5.Luckily I have all my toes!After the surgery it was very,very painful.
    What type of surgery did you have if you don't mind my asking.
    I know it is very painful,I remember it well.
    Try to keep it elevated if you can.How about a big sock?Loose shoes?
    When I went back to work after 6 wks,it hurt as you say.I put ice on it when I got home,maybe that will help.Or some Tylenol.If it's bothering you real bad, call your foot DR. Hopes this helps! Take care. Robin
  5. froggypiano

    froggypiano New Member

    Thank you for the advise. I can't imagine how bad it was getting your foot in a lawn mower. It makes me cringe to think of it.
    I had a Morton's Neuroma between my 3rd and 4th toe removed and I had to have a screw removed from my big toe that was put in there 8 years ago and was starting to come out.
    I can't stand for anything to touch the ends of my toes. Even the blanket or a sock and the ends of my toes feel like they are being squeezed really hard and it feels like there is a golf ball under my foot when I try to take a step.
    My husband says I have very dramatic details of my pain. lol I told him it felt like my toes were being squeezed in a vice. :)
    Cold makes it hurt worse so I've been keeping it on a hot mat alot.
    I just feel guilty because I can't take care of my home or family the way I'm supposed to or go to church or anywhere for that matter.
    Sorry to be so long winded.

    Thank you for listening!
  6. froggypiano

    froggypiano New Member

    My husband says I'm too hard on myself also. Thank you for confirming that. It's just hard when I look around the house and see so much that I need to be doing and I'm just sitting here with my foot up in the air.
    I have heard that plantar fascitis is very painful. My sister-in-law has it.

    Thank you for the encouragement
  7. featherme

    featherme New Member

    I had my second surgery to correct the first botched job four years before in April. I went to a different group hoping for a better outcome. I was prepared to have it take a while - the big toe joint was fused with a metal plate and screws and the damage to the next two toes was worked on. It was the most painful experience right after surgery as they did not medicate me sufficiently even though I was in the hospital. As I moved through my eleven day stay I heard repeatedly - "You can plan on at least doubling the recovery time because of your conditions."

    This is almost six months later. I have another six to go, I think.

    Where is the encouragement? Planning on the extended time has helped to take away anxiety and frustration. I have projects lined up to the ceiling! On good days I Swiffer - it's easier than a vacuum. Because of other problems I have a power chair to help me in the house. Looking at building a ramp to get me outside. My crutches help me in other places. My time in the "recliner" has decreased to smaller amounts at a time. I've been to therapy and the simple movements I can do are helpful. The hardest thing was being homebound because it's my right foot and I had to depend on my husband to drive me places. He has a parttime job so it wasn't always easy to arrange schedules, but it wasn't impossible either.

    I was dx with fibro in 1985! I have learned a lot, made some mistakes, and learned some more. My faith is most important and now I have a lot of time to spend on the most important thing in my life - it's not so bad. The bad times still come but I am learning how to help myself shake them off quicker.

    Find your positive focus and work hard at it. Keep encouraging people and ideas around you. Thank goodness for cell phones and computers. They open up the world to things such as this place.
  8. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Not a problem. Ya I had a phobia to lawn mowers after that!! Still do I guess in some ways. Won't let my grandchildren outside when mowing our yard! It was my fault,My ma was mowing,I had gotten off of bus and wanted to show her my good school papers and got to close to the mower.
    I had the same experience with the blanket and socks. Our dog stepped on it a few times too, and stubbed it a few times. NOT GOOD!! The feeling of the golf ball,that is swelling. You need to get ice to put against it. I know it hurts like the dickens but the ice will help bring down the swelling and help with the pain-numbs it. But ask your Dr. first. Have you gone back to see him yet?
    I borrowed a pair of crutches so I could get around, but if you are hurting you should have it in the air!
    I know what you are saying about feeling guilty. I did also. But, hey , enjoy it. Let someone else do those things for you!It takes time. And you don't want to do anything to make it worse.
    My toe looked like a sausage that had been cooked to long,lol!And I had a pin in it also.They took that out eventually. It did hurt somewhat when they did that. But not as much as what I had already been through.
    Dramatic, your not being dramatic. Tell hubby to go out to garage and put his toe in the vice and you do the tightening.LOL!! Don't worry about him, he doesn't know what it feels like. I'm sure he is taking good care of you.
    When the doc said I was ok to drive it was snowing.I got in my car and drove for 2 hrs. Probably should'nt have but I was so tired of being cooped up I took my chances! And I did feel better!! Take care, Robin

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