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  1. scrappnmom

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    I need some opinions please. I had been having pain and burning occassionally, when I swallowed my meds. When it happened 2 days in a row and the last time it burned all the way to my breast bone for a long time, even after I washed it down with lots of water. I decided I needed to call my gastro doctor. Well, as soon as I talked to the nurse she said he would want to do an endoscopy to see what was going on. Our fear was that the Naproxen I had been taking for several years had damaged my esophogus. Well, since that was the fear, especially for me, I stopped taking the Naproxen last Friday and what do you think happened? It hasn't hurt all weekend! I am scheduled to have the test tomorrow and now I wonder if I need to have it. The only draw back is that after I quit taking the Naproxen I started hurting so bad! So, I don't know what to do! Should I go ahead and have it or just quit the Naproxen and cancel the test? I'm so confused!

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    I would phone the clinic and ask them they should be able to advise you I really dont know what you should do !!

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    I had this done almost 4 yrs ago. I was having stomach pains that were burning and I started fainting and not being able to walk. Unknown to me I had a bleeding stomach ulcer and really needed treatment. I don't want to scare you that's not my intention but these meds can really mess up our insides and we can't see what is going on.

    I would definitely talk more with your doctor before actually cancelling the test but you know your body and it's really your decision. Sending positive thoughts your way and let us know how you do.

    Gentle hugs, Susan
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    I have had two endoscopies and it is a fairly minor procedure; nothing to be afraid of, in my opinion. If you have already been approved for the endoscopy by your insurance company, you may want to have it done. It could put you mind at ease; it certainly did mine once I definitively knew just what was causing my discomfort. I was no longer in pain by the time I went for the test but the gastro could still tell (by old irritations and old, healing lesions) what was going on.

  5. Pansygirl

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    I agree it was a simple procedure nothing to worry about and would enable the doctor to see what is going .

    Let us know what you decide to do.

    gentle hugs, Susan
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    Pansygirl, I think it is best to see what is going on down there, whether or not you have erosion starting or some sort of blockage. I do believe that you should go ahead with the procedure, but of course let your Dr. know of the changes that you have experienced this past weekend just by being off of the medication.

    If not for anything else, a piece of mind for yourself.

    Good Luck, let us know!

    Tropical Girl
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    You should still take the test. They need to see if there is any lasting damage or maybe something else all together. Can't rule out that stopping the Naproxen was just a coincidence.

    Don't take a chance on it...have the test done!!!
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    I really appreciate all of your thoughts. I think I am just feeling nervous about being under anesthesia. Last time I did local anesthesia I had seizures. But, my seizure meds have been increased since then so I doubt I'll have any trouble. I do think I need to go ahead with it though. I have had swallowing issues for several years. In fact, this will be my 2nd endoscopy. I need to find out what's going on. It has never been a constant problem anyway, but more intermittant. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    They gave me Versed last time and I still had seizures. But, after that happened they raised my dosage of Keppra. So, hopefully the versed will do it's job today. I hope!
  10. scrappnmom

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    Whew! Well, I did it! And luckily, no seizures! I am so glad I did have it because the results were so surprising to me! I found out that I have 2 ulcers in my stomach. And the doctor is pretty sure that they are caused by my Naproxen! They will have the final results from my biopsies on Friday that will let them know for sure if it is from the Naproxen. I just assumed it was something in my esophagus since the pain was there. I know nothing about ulcers. Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me about taking care of ulcers? I am so relieved to know what it was and that it's nothing serious!

  11. lgp

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    I am so glad you went through with the endoscopy!! Now you know what you need to fix. As FDR once said, the worst thing to fear is fear itself!!