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    I got a virus, vomiting, yeck 24 hour thing. getting betting able to eat.
    But It seems it takes me so long to get over any type of health issue. Im 45 and feel like such a waek faliure at life.

    I know im whinning. It seems Ive also been depressed. I cry so easily. Just diagnosied with bi-polar. I just dont know. The med she put me on "triluptil" spelling.... makes me feel not like im in a fog. just what i need more fog. I felt better on lexapro.

    When I go through these flares of pain and or depression or feeling overwhelmed cuz I cant do anything, like I want to.

    I want so MUCH to quit my job and focus on my messy un kept house and my 16 yr old that i cant hardly do anything cuz i feel like shit or painful or to tired from working.Terrible wife hardly cook anymore.

    Ive spoken to my husband but nothing really comes from it me working helps pay the bills and I have many medical bills even after ins.
    i just feel broken and tired of it

    well Im soory for complaining,
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    Hi Dolfenn,

    Hugs to you......I do feel the same way at least a few days a week (failure!). I am having a go around with my sister because I am always late for any (or most) family funtions. She undertands, but then again she doesn't. Her motto is stop sleeping, and exercise. Seems to be everyones phrase lately. It's just easier said than done!

    My house sounds like yours. Dust bunnies reproducing EVERYWHERE!!! Floors need mopping, vacuuming, laundry, etc. So glad I found this board!!!

    Just pace yourself. Do what you can today, there is always tomorrow to continue!!!

    Hang in there OK?

  3. dolfenn43

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    thanks for you reply, Its hard to alway not feel good. I hardly go anywhere ever except to work stor home.

    I want to not work its to hard anymore anyone else feel like that. Most all the time I have to make myself work.

    Thanks for the reply
  4. dleaning

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    You are sooo Welcome....we are all here for you. I will follow this thread to see how you are doing, so keep us posted!!