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    hi gang. Last week I was in such a low spot. I have spent too much time just sitting in front of the tv. This week I decided to push myself inspite of the fatigue and pain. Today I took my daughter and twin grandaughters(20 months) to McDonalds for lunch and then to movies. This was the girls first movie. We saw Jungle book 2. They loved the whole experience. I live in a small town and Wed. afternoon is just for moms and little ones. They ate popcorn, danced and laughed. It was a long day for me but one filled with alot of joy. I love those girls and my daughter so much. They are the best medicine around. They went home now so I am resting. My heart is warmed up and my face is smiling. Nothing like it. Glad I gave myself the push. Have a great afternoon.
    love poodlemum
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    They are so great. But just in small numbers. Used to work in a preschool. Couldn't handle that anymore.

    But I am going tonight to my friends and then traveling with them to Florida. They are going to the Disney Park...too much for me Dr said so I will stay in the Condo and either exercise in or chill out by the pool. I can watch the litle girl in the pool if they want to go out or "back to the room a while". So it is sort of a mental health day trip. My seat in the van lays back so I will be all set except for yelling for a potty break every hour!! Hope our driver is patient with me! But with a 5 year old along I am sure she will yell potty almost as much as I will.

    I'll post when I get back. Hoping the relaxation and the sunshine down there will give me a little perk up.
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    have a great time. I hope the weather is good. I'm living in 6 feet of snow and bitter cold so luck you.