Having gallbladder removed....anyone have regrets?

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    I will be meeting this Wed. with doctor who will be suggesting that I get my gallbladder removed. One complicating factor is that my liver will have to be cut apparantly also along with it...I was born with the gallbladder attached (apparantly rare) it has been explained to me that livers regenerate but I have no idea how long or what compications might accompany this.

    I am wondering if having the gallbladder removed has any repercussions. I remember hearing that people continue to have the attacks or may have other issues.

    Also would like to hear any positive outcomes of having the gallbladder out. Did your health improve overall afterwards .

    Anyone decide to keep their gallbladder and find ways of improving bile flow or dissolve gallstones, etc.?

    I appreciate any help in this matter...Nancy
  2. daboysone

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    Hi! I had my gallbladder taken out last spring, finally! I had months and months and years of on again, off again abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting etc... but all my tests were ok for the gallbladder. Finally after getting really sick with fever and uncontrollable diarrhea the dr decided to go ahead and take it...and walla! I have been much improved and no more abdominal epeisodes like before. I still have nausea and IBS but am managing those. Hope this helps and you feel better soon!
  3. bazinga

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    several years ago and my stomach issues are a thing of the past!!! Like you-it took them a long time to decide to do it! I wish everything else associated with this dd had such a solution!!! Best of luck!!!!
  4. deadtired

    deadtired Member

    Thank you for your replies. I am feeling encouraged that perhaps the surgery is worth the risks. I am sick and tired of these gallbladder attacks. Nancy
  5. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    deadtired: several years ago I had problems with my gallbladder being inflamed. I was extremely lucky to be seeing a chiropractor who did muscle testing, who gave me AF Betafood from Standard Process. It helped enormously, and I believe saved my gallbladder. Here's a post I did on this a few years ago with information about AF Betafood:

    Here is something I downloaded earlier today about AF Betafood by Standard Process. My chiropractor gave this to me several years ago and it worked fabulously when my gallbladder was inflamed. I had to take about 15 tablets a day (they're small) for about a week, then around 9 a day for another week and then maybe 6 a day for another week. It may seem like a lot, but it was well worth it, it works so well.

    I also discovered that to prevent future gallbladder problems, I needed to take digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid, and since that time, my digestive has been very much improved. I rarely have problems with my gallbladder now (less than once a year) and when I do, I take AF Betafood and everything clears up again. [note: I no longer have gallbladder problems at all - this was written a few years ago] Many chiropractors carry Standard Process products and also a website spinelife.com sells them. And here's the info I downloaded re AF Betafood:

    AF Betafood

    If you have gall bladder problems then AF Betafood may be your one way trip to health, vitality and keeping your gall bladder. If, after consuming consuming a meal heavy in fats, you begin to burp almost immediately, this means you have gall bladder malfunction and your metabolism is more than likely deficient.

    Today, doctors are recommending people have their gall bladders removed when the people who signs of gall bladder stress or disease. Here is what really happens. People have metabolism problems. As a result the bodily functions begin to mis-function. When certain foods are consumed that require adequate gall bladder function, we can have signs that the gall bladder is not in a position to do its job accurately. Let us consider this mis-firing of the gall bladder function. Do we destroy the symptom of the metabolism or do we correct the metabolism problem that caused the gall bladder to mis-fire in the first place. Do you think removal of the gall bladder corrects the metabolism problem? Of course not! but correcting the metabolism problem provides us with sick gall bladder relief.

    Let us observe the function of bile. Bile has a number of functions. Bile breaks down the fat in food. Bile emulsifies the fat in the digestive system. Bile works to help eliminate toxins from the body. Here is an example of how bile helps: Say you are painting and breath the fumes and the chemicals associated with paint and fumes. The fumes and associated chemicals are drawn into your lungs as you breath. From the lungs, the chemicals are picked up by the blood and carried to the liver. As we all know, the liver works as a filter just like the filter used in keep oil clean in the automobile. The liver proceeds to dump the chemicals from the paint into the bile from the gall bladder. The gall bladder then dumps the bile containing the chemicals into the intestines for elimination.

    The most important thing to understand is that the bile is your aid in removal of toxins from the body. But when the bile gets thick like cream this means the fat metabolism is malfunctioning. Bile must be thin to do it's job correctly. Cataplex F and Cataplex A thin the bile and Betafood flushes the bile route.

    Standard Process puts together the three complexes to make AF Betafood. Therefore, you need one instead of three bottles of product to help keep your bile flowing properly and possibly forego the serious problems related to malfunctioning fat metabolism.

    As you may have already guessed, AF Betafood also takes a serious stress from the liver as well as the gall bladder. The gall bladder functions properly and the liver is able to continue doing its job in relation to its relationship to the gall bladder correctly as well .
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  6. Slayadragon

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    I asked this question a while back, on both this board and on one related to Sick Building Syndrome.

    I heard a bunch of terrible stories about people who had terrible experiences and never recovered to where they were before.

    Gall bladder problems very often area related to toxic mold problems. The gall bladder fills with black sludge, apparently as a defense mechanism against the toxins going through the small/large intestine and being re-absorbed.

    If the gall bladder is taken out in that circumstance, the toxins will have no choice but to go unimpeded through the intestines. The body thus will become more toxic and negative effects will result.

    Taking a good hard look at the living environment may be warranted. Insofar as toxic mold is present, moving may be a wise idea. Following this, gall bladder treatments (e.g. coffee enemas) may be effective. Prior to moving out of a moldy environment, such treatments rarely do anything.

    All of this information os from allopathic M.D.'s that I personally have seen. It's not some fringe b.s.

    Look for the mold.

    Best, Lisa
  7. deadtired

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    MBOB and Lisa,
    THank you for this your alternative views. I will look into the products mentioned. My instinct also tells me that just removing a body part is not getting down to the original problems of why its not working correctly. I would LOVE to spare my self another operation. Five years ago they I had major surgery cutting across my stomach only to leave my gallbladder in me. Like I said it is attached to my liver and the doctor feared I would lose my life. He cleaned things up a bit but five years later I am in trouble again with stones. I am wondering if these products dissolve stones also. Looks like I need to check out alterntive/chiropractors .

    Lisa, our home has always had a damp basement, that flooded every now and then. We have gone to great lengths to prevent the flooding but it still does in spots. We have a dehumidifier running full time. We are also not always in this home and I do seem to feel better when we leave! Maybe time for a move.....thank you for your help
  8. mbofov

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    I think I mentioned it briefly before, but I found it was VERY important that I start taking digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid (the hydrochloric acid is very important) with each meal. I think this is what has kept my gallbladder healthy for several years now.

    But the AF Betafood was very very good when I had problems.

    Also, try adding lemon juice to water and drinking several times a day. It's very good for cleansing the gallbladder and liver.

  9. deadtired

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    Mbofov...I have located a chiropractor that uses the products you mentioned. I am also going for a consultation with the gasteroenterologist who performed the ercp to remove stones. I am going to ask him about using the digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, etc. and also any other methods of helping my liver and gallbladder function better. I found an excellent website gallbladderattack.com. I am praying I find a doctor that looks at this situation alternatively. It seems most can only see surgery as the best option. Thank you again for the help, Nancy

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