Having horrible FMS exacerbation....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dolsgirl, Mar 13, 2003.

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    Well, most of you know that I did turn in my notice at work yesterday and hadn't gone in on Tuesday. I'm having such a horrible exacerbation right now. Everything hurts! I'm exhausted beyond belief! They actually let me go home at noon today because of extra staffing. Came right home and went to sleep for an hour in a half.

    I stayed late last night and spoke with my boss, until 6:15 PM. She & the docs I work with are very happy with my work and wanted to know if there is anything they can do to keep me. Unfortunately, because of one of the individuals that I work with, (she doesn't pull her share of the work), I cannot possibly stay. I'd be in exacerbation all the time. She did tell me though that she will recommend me for rehire, should another job that would suit me comes up within the organization. It's a large organization in this area and that's truly good to know. I'm so happy that she let me come home to rest today. She understood how tired I was.

    I hope that something else comes up. We will no longer have any income or insurance. Hopeful. dolsgirl

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    First of all, I admire anyone who can use the word "exacerbation". (I love that word, and it truly describes the worsening of our symptoms.)

    Secondly, it sounds like you will get a great reference from your boss, and that she is supportive of your need to quit at this time & take better care of your health. I'm going to be hoping and praying for you, that you'll find something soon that allows you more rest & less stress. I know all about the income/insurance thing--my husband is our family breadwinner, and his position as a contracted software designer is over next month-----this is a lousy time to be job hunting, what with this inevitable war looming.....we pay our own private health insurance now (costs a small fortune). I think we all need to support each other & pray for the best outcomes for all of us!

    I'm glad you are able to take care of yourself now, though, hopefully you'll get past this latest flare----I'm in an awful one now, too, I think stress over our income situation is a lot of the cause.....

    Good luck & keep us posted on everything!

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    I too think that stress in one of everyone's worse enemies with any illness. I hope that your situation improves in the future also. Why do I sometimes still think that I'll be the one winning the lottery this week? How stupid is that? Oh, one can at least dream~dolsgirl