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  1. dolsgirl

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    I'm having my regular fms pain, but for months I've had this other pain in my hands & feet. I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and gout. The indocin didn't help at all. I'm done with the RX and don't plan to refill it. The pain has worsened in the past six weeks. My wrists are having an incredible amount of pain. I don't know what I can do, as I once again (because I couldn't handle my job secondary to fms), don't have a job or insurance. My husband is trying to get a job as a civilian with the military, which is sooooooooo difficult. My fingers and wrists are killing me! Ouch! They also think that I have RA, although the test has come back negative both times it was done recently.

    Any suggestions? dolsgirl
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    i know how awful the pain can be. when i was first diagnosed with lupus,i just wanted to crawl into a dark hole.the only thing i can think of is a warm bath with epsom salt & peroxide.it helps the toxins leave your body.it helps me a lot with fibro pain.i have been using emu oil for13yrs. for joint pain. it helps the pain back foo and it's a natural anti-inflammatory.
    hope this helps.
    kathy c
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    All I can think of is another natural anti-inflammatory, raw garlic. If you can swallow a tablespoon of the raw, chopped garlic twice daily it may help. I've been doing it for years now to kill yeasts. Drink lots of water with it.
    Also proven to be very helpful in easing inflammation is the use of certain digestive enzymes, esp. Bromelain, taken not only with meals, but in-between them. You can also eat pineapple to get Bromelain, but it must be raw.
    I hope you feel better soon,
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    I only have a shower where I live. I also have GERD and have tried the garlic (my husband is a firm believer), but had a difficult time with it.

    Thanks for your suggestions. dolsgirl
  5. 1steptime

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    Dolsgirl- Sorry to hear about your situation. I've been there too with being unemployed and having no or poor insurance. Natural or holistic pain remedies can be great, but you may want to consider real pain medine with anti-inflamatory help - like with Ultram or tramodol(generic for Ultram) or whatever your doctor, a 2nd opinion dr, or a PAIN specialist recommends.

    I fought the idea of taking pain killers for years. When my arms, wrists and hands (not to mention the rest of my body) became so painful that picking things up, holding a pen or other basic things, even walking, became impossible I begged for help. (I often had to drive with my knees in heavy city traffic - finally realized how crazy that was and drove straight to the dr demanding help.It was more than just pain - it was inflamation that dr believed was impossible since, at that time, was not considered a sympton.) )The Ultram helped! I wish I had taken it years before; it helped me to become employed again - and empty the dishwasher without breaking glass.

    I know how expensive medication is without insurance. Somewhere on the net is a comprehensive list of pharmacy companies that offer free or greatly reduced meds. (Brain fog is kicking in so I can't remember the source.)

    Good luck with getting answers and real help and with your husband's job search.
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    in another post?

    Maybe cherries or cherry juice would help you too?

    Also, maybe some rubs you put on the skin of your hands? There's all sorts at health food stores. I don't know if your arthritis would respond to the same stuff that osteoarthritis responds to, such as MSM and glucosamine?

    Hope you find something to help.

  7. dolsgirl

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    as you can see if you look up my posts. I do a tablespoon each of Black Cherry juice concentrate and Cranberry juice concentrate twice a day & it does help with the hands and wrists, but not completely gone. dolsgirl

    PS: Welcome 1steptime[This Message was Edited on 07/15/2003]
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    I don't have "Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy". I'll have to look it up to see if I have the symptoms. I do have terrible leg pain at night sometimes. dolsgirl
  9. dolsgirl

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    I just tried to find out about Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy at WebMD & they didn't have any results. Can you give me a link to find out about it? Thanks. dolsgirl
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    I don't know if it helps or not, bit when the pain in my thighs or hands get to bad, i get one of our gel ice packs out wrap it in a towel and put it on the affected area.

    Like i said i don't know if it helps, or just comforting to know that i am doing something, although the cold does feel good. Also for the legs, a heating pad can bring some comfort.

  11. dolsgirl

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    I usually can't use the ice because it makes the pain worse. Yesterday though was our first day out on our boat in two years, (since we moved across the country twice last summer), and it was great until the end when we were trying to close up the boat & get into the aluminum boat we went out to the boat(100 yards), and trying to keep the aluminum boat from hitting our SeaRay boat was excrucitating & I think I tore ligaments in both of my wrists, so I was able to tolerate the ice last night. Ice is usually very painful for my wrists. Thanks though. The parafin someone mentioned helps, for a very short time. I'd invest in it if it lasted longer. dolsgirl
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    Just have the aches again badly myself and am feeling for you. Take care. Love Ozgran