Having one of " THOSE" days pain, emotional , fatique

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    This is ONE OF "THOSE DAYS" where all I really want to do is to stay in my bed and not move. My back in throbbing and it is so low in my lumbar region where it is tender to the touch. Standing up for more than just a few moments causes me more pain there and it feels like there is some pressure and it aches clear down to my bones and beyond { if that is possiable]

    I did some cleaning yesterday as my daughter and her sweetheart were comming to stay for a few days and my house was more than just cluttered, in between really messy and things just need to be put away.

    The lucky part was is that my friend stopped in to check on me and she knew that I was going to have company today. So she did all the "HARD STUFF" like vaccuming and sweeping the floor. She was so sweet to help me put on the down matteress pad that is this daughters and then we made the bed together. But making beds even with help hurts me in my low back. I Hate it.

    So today I have the muscles in my right thigh are in huge KNOTS and are so painfull. My back is just throbbing as are my knee's , left wrist, all my muscles and my fingers hurt to some strange reason that i don't know why but they do.

    My husband went to the airport and picked up the kids and brought them home with him. Thanksfully with the help of my neighbor the bed was freshly made and the room was cleaned but not vaccummed, my kitchen was cleaned up with the floor swept and all the junk off of the floor. This I bent over and reached things yesterday so that could be why I am paying for this today. And my living room looks so nice all cleaned up {still has some clutter} but nothing major.

    Tonight we went to the movies to see "Cars" it was so cute & if you go to see it be sure to stay and watch the credits as there is more that is really cute. But for me sitting in the theater was painful for my ears as I swear that either I was sitting on the speakers or they have the sound turned on X-HIGH!. We had to climb up several steps to get to our seats and of course I had to go out to the restroom during the movie and climbing up, down and up and down is PAINFUL for me. Now both knees are thobbing as well as they don't want to work.

    I enjoyed the movie but I really hate it that just going out to some thing like the movies causes me so much pain that when it ends I am the one holding up all the people above me as I can't stand upright and I can't balance and walk down the stairs. There is some thing about walking down steps that makes my knees stiffen up and not work like they should.

    And my left wrist is hurting so much to night that I can't sleep. Well with all this pain in my body the wrist is the thing that broke the camels back and put my apin over the TOP.

    Can't I just have one night when I can go out and do something that I like to do with out causing me to be in more intense pain all night long and my meds are not working so well to night. OR I would be sleeping now. Instead of writing here.

    I am about in tears as this pain is so bad and I can't stand it any more, my right thigh has a huge knot in it that when I try to break it up sends shooting pains up in my groin and in to my spine and also it goes down my leg in to my ankle and toes.Causing me to be in MORE PAIN.

    I want to just SCREAM LOUDLY AND LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT I AM IN PAIN!But that would not do any good for me or anyone else. I can't go to the ER as they don't treat chronic pain and this would be put written up as that. I have not had pain so bad that it is making me nausous. And it is even going on my left arm and giving me a headache too. Our hospital is not so good at treating any thing that has to do with pain.

    What one doctor thinks is really bad pain and will give you fentaynal the other will think about giving you 60 mg;s of Morphine .2 x's in a four hour stay. And when your in really bad intence pain too dose's of morphine doesnot cut the pain it seems that it does not help at all.

    I learned this 2 years ago as I tripped over the sideawalk and shattered my left wrist. The doctor that saw me was so shocked by the sevearity of the break that he had the nurse's put in a IV and started giving me Fentynal as fast as they could get it drawn up and in the IV. That night while they were trying to set this badly shattered left wrist I was given 500 mic's of fentynal.{ I don't know how much a mic is compared to a mg. Like when I take my MScontin that is 100mg's , I don't understand the doseage of the different meds.}
    This doc did every thing he could to try and get me out of pain and no it didn't work when they set the bones and DAMN that hurt so they added 10 mgs of versed to the mix and when it was done and over with I was still wide awake and in pain and was wheeled out to the car and my daugther and SIL drove me home.

    But the next night when the splint got to tight due to the swelling I had a totally different doctor who didn't feel that I needed ANY PAIN MEDS AT ALL. But after talking with the nurse and some threats for me about calling the nursing supervisor and another doctor I was given a dose of 60 mgs of morphine before I went to the X-ray room .But

    I had NOTHING while this doctor ripped and tore off the sticky splint that was on my arm and I was screaming and yelling and begging for something to ease the pain and this dork of a doctor told me to quit being a baby. I was so mad. I was to haev had just one dose of the morphine but the nurse had already drawn up another 60 mgs of morphine so the doctor oked her giving it to me and then this doctor said to me that this break was not that bad and he thought that I would have done just as well with a Lortab 7.5 and that was all.

    6 days later I was in surgery that lasted twice as long as they thought it would. And I now have a titauium plate in the left wrist with 6 screws in there too. And the peices of bone and they could not put in to place they ground them up and smeared them into the space's that were left over. SO I really think that it was a very serious break.

    I know it was as my ortho told me that I could lose the use of my wirst from neropathy , arthitis, muscle pain. And it was so badly broken and the bones were shattered that he struggled puting me back together that day. So I have this wrist that is deterating all the time. With in one month I already had arthitis in it and now that it has been 2 years I am losing more muscle and getting more pain from the arthitis and other conditions.

    OK I got a bit off track .with the wrist story. But when I have a bad time with my pain from my fibro and CMP my shoulder starts hurting and it gets a huge knot in it too. So I am just one ball of PAIN TONIGHT.
    MY wirst is burning and stinging so I must go.
    sorry for all the whining.
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    I do not know but would a hot bath help with epsom salts?Your neighbor is a true friend!

    Wish I could help you. Blessings.......Susan
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    you sound like me....i have a similar post...

    love and hugs to you...

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    I don't know where her I coudl get a pump as most of the doctors don't belive in them and will not prescribe them for anyonel. I would have to go to Sake Lake City adn go through the U of U's chronic pain program and even then I may not qulify for it.

    And then there is the cost of it and the cost of the meds. AS it is i already owe the hospital much money from past surgeries. So a great as it sounds I don't know it I could have it done. And my family would have a HISSY FIT if I brought that up. EVen though you do take less narcotic's with the pain pump they don't see it that way. It is just adding more meds to something that is expensive and that I really don't need. And since they never will attend a doctors appointment with me they don't have a clue as to what I need adn don't need for my pain.

    I think that it sounds wonderful and oh to be out of pain , to have something that would work better than pills to , it would be great.But it will not h appen for a while for me. But it is a good suggestion and thanks so much for all your thoughts.

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