Having Rotory cuff surgery,

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  1. Sandyz

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    I am having surgery on my shoulder August 21. I guess I have a tear in the rotory cuff and have been having so much pain from it. Has anybody had this kind of surgery? What was the recovery like?? It sounds like I can`t do much of anything the first two weeks because I can`t move my shoulder around. I will probably have to wear a sling for 4 to 6 weeks. Any info on your experience with this would be appreciated.
  2. paulac7

    paulac7 Member

    Sorry sandy,

    I, too have no advice, other than to say good luck, and best of wishes to you!

  3. luckyman

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    I tore the rotator cuff and crushed the end of the humorus when I was about 30. It is a painful surgery and recovery, but well worth it. My surgery was about 25 years ago, so I'm sure that procedures have improved. Can this surgery be done with a scope? (I know many knee surguries can, such as anterior cruciate surgery, that used to require a lot of cutting and was very difficult.) If it can be done with a scope, it should be relatively easy.

    Physical therepy is very important. I have full use of my arm with no arthritis,(at least not any more than elsewhere.) complete range of movement, and no loss of strenth, or any other problems. Start by using the shower wall and your fingers to help walk your arm up the wall. Patience and persistance are very important. Be careful about letting PT push you too hard. Steady consistant progress is best. If it still hurts more after a PT session 2 days later, you did too much, or were too agressive trying to get your range of motion back. Overall, it wasn't too bad. Find a good PT that listens, and then,more importantly LISTEN to your body and evaluate often. You'll get through it fine. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to help.
  4. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I didn't have a complete tear in my rotator cuff (there was fraying and damage), but I had arthroscopic surgery to repair both of my shoulders. The most recent was one year ago 8/1/08, the first was 20 yrs ago...same doc did both.

    I had pretty much the same PAINFUL condition in both shoulders: joint impingement (joint space too tight for tendons), severe tendonitis, and bursitis. I went thru a lot of cortisone shots and phys therapy prior to each surgery, it was awful.

    My doc was great, an ortho surgeon. I was his first shoulder arthroscopy 20 yrs ago (he improvised w the arthro equipment, they mainly just did knees back then). Anyway, I had one half-inch incision on the front of the joint and 2 or 3 other tiny ones on the back side, no stitches.

    I think the last surgery took about one and a half hours, the worst part was recovering from the anesthesia. I told the Drs and nurses ahead of time that I had FM/CFS and that I was very med sensitive. The Anesthesiologist Dr used "as little sedation med as possible", but I still felt pretty sick and shaky for 24 hrs after. Yuck.

    As far as pain goes, after the first week, the worst was over. I was consistent with icing and taking Motrin 800mg for inflammation. Also had a "pain Pump" that dripped lidocaine into the area for about 3 days (I heard later that some people had problems due to a particular pain pump, there was some type of class action suit, but I didn't have any trouble from it).

    My doc doesn't believe in keeping the joint immobilized (to avoid frozen joint), he wanted me to move it the next day. I did have a huge compression bandage on the first 3 days, but after that only steri-strips and bandaids. I wore a sling as a protective measure for a couple of wks if I went out of the house, mainly to make others aware to not bump into me! I couldn't drive for about 3 wks, no lifting, pushing, pulling.

    I had bone shaved off the end of my collarbone on both shoulders to open up the joint space, I think that was the worst part. I would have the surgery again in a heartbeat, I had great success both times. It took about 9 mos before I could sleep on my side, too sore at night...but zero pain now. I suffered for yrs with pain before the surgeries, I wish I had done the first one much sooner!

    My sister had the same thing, but her Dr did an "open" surgery (about 15 yrs ago). She had a 3" incision from hers and it did take her longer to recover. So, if given the option, I'd surely recommend Arthroscopic surgery. It is amazing what they can do with those things, I have pictures of the inside of my shoulder taken during the surgery showing it all step by step. Very cool.

    I had mine done at an outpatient surgery center. They had me in the wheelchair, ready to go home as soon as I was awake, drinking and peeing. It was quick!

    You can even view Arthroscopic surgeries on youtube if you want. I did all kinds of research beforehand so I'd know what I was in for. I must say tho, my Dr is one of the best in my area, and I was lucky to have him. He explained every detail (I wanted to know everything about the surgery, it was amazing to me)...I hope I've helped by telling you my experiences, hope it wasn't too much info:)

    I wish you a speedy recovery, it will be worth it in the long run, REALLY!

    xoxo Hermit
  5. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    Thanks for all your replies. Yes, the surgery will be anthroscopic. The surgeon is a great doctor. He is the same one my hubby had when he broke his leg in 7 places. He did a great job of putting that back together. He has no pain or arthritis in it. I am expecting to do alot of PT. I am not looking forward to this but I have got to get it done. I am in so much pain now it feels like my arm is broke...ouch! I can`t lay on that side at all because the pain is too bad. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks again!
  6. Juloo

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    It really helped to read the replies. I'm on the bubble about this type of surgery as well. I had an MRI about three or four years ago...result: told to have surgery for partial rotator cuff tear and bone spurs. Short story, I had p.t. instead and have had several good years with only an occasional twinge.

    A couple of weeks ago, I slept kind of funny on my shoulder, I guess, and I awoke with pain that didn't abate until I got pain meds in me 33 hours later. Between hydrocortisone and pain meds (and p.t.), I have almost 100% of motion back with just a small impingement in one area. Very little pain unless I overdo -- and now more sore than *pain*ful.

    My doctor sat me down and told me she admired my interest in being conservative, and she would back me up with that, but she told me in her opinion I needed another MRI to determine if the rotator cuff tear has gotten worse, etc. She said it is possible to wait too long for the surgery, so it would be best to have some definite information to go by.

    So it'll be me in another MRI machine sometime this next week or so.

    My brother-in-law had similar shoulder surgery (although it dealt more with wear-and-tear from sports) this past winter. He can drive and work, etc., but says he is still not at 100%, although he is glad he had the surgery.

    Nine months without sleeping on my arm -- that sounds like forever...I could barely stand it being two weeks!
  7. joeperry

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    Gday Juloo,

    i tore my rotator cuff badly .... I didnt get surgury,.... it took 3 years to heal back to full strength - although it can still be sort for a bit sometimes. I can sleep on it again but I dont. I can do weights.

    I play guitar and didnt want to risk any damage through surgery .... but I got close to doing it.

    Good luck.


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