Having sleep apnea study done tomorrow, any advice ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karinaxx, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    I hate hospitals, especially Indian hospitals, but I guess I am happy I can do it at all here. so
    any advice and what exactly am I in for?


  2. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Karina,
    I had a sleep study just a couple of months ago, here in California. I don't know how it will be done in India, but here is what happened to me:

    When I got there I was greeted graciously by the technician, signed a consent form, and was taken to a small bedroom. I changed into my pajamas and sat to wait. Then she came in ane put some bands around my chest and some electrodes on my head. (You might want to take some shampoo or wait until you get home, before you wash your hair, as there will br clumps of the stuff they use as a conductor, left in your hair).

    This little bedroom had a cofortable bed, an easy chair, and a T V.. I was offered a snack, and told that I could order a contimental breakfast for the morning, if I so wished. I just drank some water.

    I can't sleep lying down, so they made me comfortable in the easy chair. There was a 2 way microphone so I could speak to the attendant if I wanted to. What they see on the camera is pretty much the same as what one sees using a nght-time camera. They can only see where the electrodes are attached, and whether your eyes are open or not. They cant really see you, per se. This comforted me, as I felt that I still had privacy.

    I watched TV. and then fell asleep. I happened to awaken just before the attendant came to cheerfully wake me up. She gave me a towel and comb to get the gunk out of my hair, and told me I could shower. I just combed my hair and went home to shower. I thanked her and left. I also took her a small box of candy, as is the custom with my family whenever we go to a hosptal.

    I found the people and the accommodations very nice. I felt pampered. It was as if I was on vacation, except for the attachments, of course.

    Relax. I hope you enjoy your experience.

  3. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    and namaste.
    that sounds like a p. of cake.
    hmmmm, i dont think i gonna have such a wonderfull room, but it is one of the better hospitals.

    what do you mean you cant sleep lying down? are you allways sleeping sitting up?

    anyway, i do feel better now, but still hate hospitals....!

    Ohm Namah shivaya
  4. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    thanks to you too and yes i inq. about the meds.

    which cap masch. are you using now?
    any brand which i should not buy!

    thank you
  5. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Yes, don't worry.
    About not sleeping lying down: I have several areas of bone marrow infection in my jaws that have caused layers of dead bone from the top of my head to my shoulders. (I can't take antibiotics). Because of this, the normal movement of fluids in my head doesn't happen and so when I lay down my head swells, both inside and out. It makes breathing very difficult, and sometimes I hemorrage. So, I sleep in a recliner. I've done so for almost 20 years, now, and I find it quite comfortable. It has the added bonus that I don't have to make a bed. I just fold up my small comforter.

    Please let us know how you fare with the sleep test.

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