Having Teeth Problems I need some advice!

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    I have only four teeth in front and one on the side of my right mouth.There is one tooth that I can barely touch.It's
    in the middle.My dentist that has pulled and filled my four teeth in front says it needs a root canal.I had brochitis
    and was pn zthromax and it took away the excrutiating pain.
    My husbnd seems to think that i got the infection from his office,because my husband saw him with his gloves on running his hands through his hair and touching things and
    then putting his hands in my mouth.I feel like I have an abcess because my left side of my mouth has severe shooting
    pains under my jaw and up to my ear.I have had false teeth
    on the top for 6 years and have had no problem.This is what
    i take for pain every day;1-20mg oxycontin,1-4mcg of levoxil for thyroid,2-600 mg of neurontin,1-mg of xanax,1-4
    mg of zanaflex,and for breakthrough 1-10mg of lortab and most of the time I sit with a heating pad around my mouth,because I can't use ice.Then at night I take all this again plus 2-50mg of amitriptoline,2-fibercons,2-30mgof dalmane.I was diagnosed with FM last year by two doctors at
    Scott-white Clinic.I feel like a prisoner in my own body.
    What I take in the morning is what helps me get up and do things.I do yoga and exercise.I did not realize that FM can
    destroy your teeth.If I go out in the cold then it really gets bad.I don't even drive anymore because of all the medicine I take and the pain I'm in.I sometimes warm up those rice bags that my mother-in-law made me for the heat.
    So does anybody have any advice. I don't know if I could wear a bottom plate.I think my husband wants me to sue that other doctor who took my other teeth out,because I still have infection.I'm confused and hurt terribly.Thank you for letting me get this out where people understand what all os us are going through.
    Thank you!
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    HI I am 29 and have had many problems with my teeth as well. I never had problems with my teeth untill I got this dd and i brush and floss daily but yet I have 5 false teeth on top and 6 on bottom. I am getting the courage to get the rest of my top ones pulled as my dentist said it does not pay to keep fixing them and that I will not have any pain ever again if I let him pull them. He also said he see's alot of fibro patience and has yet to meet one that has good teeth. My gums are great but my teeth just break off out of no where and I do not have any cavities. so if I were you I would get the rest pulled and be pain free. Just do not wait as long as I have 3 years now. I am scared of the damn shot.
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    Hi JOJoJem~ I had not gone to the dentist in a yr and a half.So I finally sceduled a cleaning last month~They found 5 stinking cavities!! I did'nt figure it would be that bad!I brush alot because I smoke....and I hate the cigarette breathe myself!!So I don't know how I got so many?? I went in and had 2 filled so far....3 to go~
    And I have major anxiety when I have to be in the dentist chair too.I hate it more than ever!!This last time I acually felt like I could'nt breathe,I could'nt relax!!I wish I could get a valium before my next appointment!! (or i'll cancell...its that bad!!)yup,big baby! I admit~
    just so you know your not alone with the dental problems~ Wish you luck!
    Best regards,