having to see the dr once a month to get pain med refills

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  1. jen_miester27

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    hi yall...

    i live in texas, was curious if this is a new rule...i called the dr to refill my darvocet this morning..the nurse told me that texas is crackin down, and you have to see the dr once a month to recieve refills. i have no insurance...so i was not to happy about this one. but im wondering if this is new because of all the celebrity abuse...? ugh...!
  2. debilyn

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    It's the law in California, my doctor said. He can only prescribe narcotic pain meds for 30 days. I have to go get a new perscription every month.

  3. daylight

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    I live in Ca and I'm on medi-cal . My doctor give a script for 90 pills (vicodin) . What the pharmacy does is they will fill 30 pills within a two week period of time. It stinks they was we are treated as pill poppers . I've heard stories that even cancer patient are being limited to pain meds. It's no wonder why patient are advocating the legalization of "mary jane" here. My ins will be gone in a month and the "other" stuff is looking pretty good to me. ;)
  4. gapsych

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    Unfortunately, not only are doctor's scrutinized but part of it has to do with the liability insurance doctors have to have to stay in practice.

    My BIL is a doctor and it is outrageous how much he has to spend on the insurance.

    So doctors are also put in a position of between a rock and a hard place.

    I'm not sure what the answer is.

  5. cfsgeorge

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    Don't be mad at your doctors for this. It's the law. It helps prevent OD's on powerful SCII opiates(heroin). If you can possibly take as little as needed for the pain, then you won't have to go see your doc every month and be a bit healthier as well. Look at the "big picture" of what is causing ur pain not just medicating the pain. concentrate on treating the CAUSE(s) not just the symptoms. good luck!
  6. hermitlady

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    I get refills on my original rx for Norco, usually 4-6 refills.

    I do have to go to the office to get a paper rx every month for Methadone and Dextroamphetamine, I guess these 2 are a more restricted class of meds. I have to go on the 9th or 10th of the month, depending on when the wkend falls...it is kind of a drag, but these meds really help me.
  7. cfsgeorge

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    All schedule II drugs like powerful opiates(oxycotone, roxicodone, methadone, MsContin) and all amphetamines allow only a 30day supply with no refill. This is the law and the DEA enforces it. So, if you're on SCII drugs, you must go see your doc for a refill every month.
  8. andreake

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    I have suffered with severe fibromyalgia pain over the years. I wonder if you have ever taken Tramadol. It is the only "pain" medication that really helped me and didn't drug me out.
    It is not a schedule 3 or whatever as a narcotic is so you might be able to get more prescriptions at a time. I used to get 3 months worth of pills at a time and the cost was about 15 dollars though a community drug company. Pharmacy wanted over 100 a month for generic, so shop around!

    I understand the no insurance thing...hopefully we will get a healthcare plan!!!! I couldn't afford to go to my dr every month! ugggg!

  9. nixon

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    and have to go see my Dr. monthly also. I take Oxycodone & Methadone.......Just saw her the other day and she said that I could skip my appt. next month and alls I'll need to do is drop by the office and have the girls at the front desk give me my prescriptions WITHOUT actually seeing my Doc !! She can't write refills on the original script though .

    I guess that's the LAW here in Nevada.
  10. cfsgeorge

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    you're wrong, it is federal law. A doctor cannot call into a pharmacy to "renew" or "refill" a SCII drug. Both the pharmacy and doctor will lose their DEA license. A written prescription in triplicates for each monthly supply of SCII drugs are needed. This way the DEA can keep track of every SCII prescription written. NO refills and no call ins to the pharmacy are allowed for SCII drugs. You must "see" your doctor for every SCII prescription. This is the law.

    I don't know if this law applies to the Veterans Administration as they are under military jurisdiction not civilian.
  11. Janalynn

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    I have to pick up my prescription every month at my Dr.'s office, but she does not make me see her for an actual appt where I have to pay. I see her for a visit every 8-10 weeks or so.

    It's not terribly convenient to have to physically go there every month, but it's worth it to me to have a Dr. who is able to help me!