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    Hi all,

    Went to see my doc the other day cause home remedies werent curing my recurrent sinus infection. Anyway, she placed me on antibiotics for the fourth time and says if this doesnt work the MRI to look for any sinus abnormaltys. she says the alternative treatment would be draining the sinus surgically. Of course I wouldnt go that route. Its bad enough I go around looking liek a zombie due to lack of sleep, let alone add scars to my face. I cant stop coughing and a lot of gunk is coming up to. From nose and chest. Im taking some cough syrup, antibiotic and abutrol for bronchitis. Any advice how to manage this with out having to return to doc again or surgery?

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    It COULD be that the antibiotic is working. Productive cough which gets rid of the mucous by coughing it up, and the sinuses draining? The sinuses will drain down your throat too, maybe if you feel chest pain it's achy muscles because of coughing. The thing to watch out for in your case would be a sudden elevation of fever. I hope you will get better! As for the sinus drainage surgically; there's no scars to it, donno how it works, but I have a friend who did it and I saw nothing at all, I think they went thru the nose.
    Many get well hugs!
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    Hello, I suffered from sinus infections all year. I started in January and went on biaxin for 10 days. Then two weeks later the infection started again. Of course, it never left my sinuses. The doctor said its one of the worst places to get an infection as the antiobiotics have a hard time reaching the sinuses. The Nose Specialist told me I had nasal polyps. I went back to my regular doctor and he put me on glutathione nasal spray. What a miracle! After 17 days the nasal polyps were gone. Ive been on the stuff for 51 days now since I had sinus infections for 10 months. This is the only thing that worked for me. I also tried Nasonex and tobramycin nasal spray and that didnt work. My doctor was excited about the terrific results of the glutathione spray. Its the master of all antioxidants. No drug in it at all. I think the pharmacist mixes it with sodium. Anyways its new on the market my doctor told me. So ask for glutathione nasal spray. I dont need surgery now thanks to it. Good luck!
  4. PVLady

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    Neti pot for sinus health

    In the U.S., sinus problems is the #1 reason people see a doctor. With increasing pollution and chemicals in our environment, there is an enormous rise in the number of people who suffer various forms of nasal congestion and respiratory illnesses. Alternative health practitioners throughout the world recommend the regular practice of nasal cleansing using a saline solution as part of a regular regimen of health and wellness, a basic health-maintenance activity equal to flossing your teeth. Neti is a gentle, safe, efficient way to deliver a good cleansing dose of saline to the nose.

    Although the practice of nasal irrigation originated in India, today there are numerous people in Europe and the United States who use this simple technique as part of their daily routine.

    People practice Neti on a daily basis to help keep their sinuses clean and to make their breathing easier and more free. Once they try it, most people find Neti to be a soothing and pleasant experience.

    If, like a lot of people, you find that your nasal passages are blocked because of pollution, pollen, dust and other irritants, you may find this simple nasal irrigation technique to be of invaluable benefit to you.

    The practice of nasal cleansing - known as Neti - has been used by practitioners of Ayurveda and Yoga in India for thousands of years. Neti is one of the 6 purification techniques performed prior to practicing yoga as a way of preparing the body for the yoga practice.

    While there exist advanced techniques using various herbal oils and herbs, the simplest Neti technique uses water for the irrigation process. Lukewarm water is used to gently cleanse the nasal passages. A soothing, gentle stream of salt water, the same concentration as tears, flows through your nose, washing away pollens, mucus, viruses and bacteria. Use of a neti pot is recommended to ease this process.

    Many health practitioners consider the nasal passages to be the doorway for most diseases. The nasal passage, with its finely-tuned mechanism of hairs and mucus membranes, which are intended to catch and restrain foreign entities from entering our bodies, actually is one of the ways nature protects us from diseases. Unfortunately, this filtering mechanism can become overloaded through high exposure to pollution, chemicals, fragrances, pollen and dust. Cleansing this filter regularly allows it to operate more efficiently.

    A simple yet very powerful technique, neti works wonders for chronic sinusitis, and allergies. It has a remarkable effect on upper respiratory tract infections, especially hay fever. In fact, neti is so beneficial that responses usually change from "YUK, there is no way I am ever going to try that" to "WOW. That is fantastic. I am hooked for life" after just one trial.

    Your neti pot should be right for YOUR nostrils: Choose a neti pot with a
    smoothly tapered conical tip at the spout end. This facilitates
    support on the nostril walls of varying sizes. More importantly, this
    minimizes spillage as it 'plugs' the inlet nostril.

    How neti is done
    A neti pot is filled with warm, slightly salted water and the spout of the pot is inserted into one nostril. The position of the head and pot are adjusted to allow the water to flow out of the other nostril.

    The technique is not as uncomfortable or difficult as you may think at
    first. You will be pleasantly surprised at this simple and effective practice for maintaining your health.

    Once learnt, neti can be done in about 3 minutes and is easily integrated into a daily routine of body cleansing such as showering or brushing your teeth.

    Neti pot instructions:
    1. Prepare the saline solution (*) with lukewarm water and fill the neti pot. Hot water is irritating and dangerous. Cool water is not soothing.
    2. Tilt your head to the side as shown in the picture at the beginning of this article..
    3. Insert spout of neti pot gently into the raised nostril creating a seal between the neti pot and the nostril. If it drains out of your mouth, lower your forehead in relation to your chin. Relax. If you are calm, the water flows right through. But if you aren't, it just won't flow. If you keep breathing through your mouth, relaxed, the water should gently flow through the nose on its own. There's no forcing it.
    4. Raise the neti pot slowly to develop a steady flow of saline solution through the upper nostril and out the lower nostril.
    5. During the process breathe through your mouth.
    6. When you're done, exhale firmly several times to clear the nasal passages.
    7. Reverse the tilt of your head and repeat the process on the other side.

    * Mix a heaping ¼ tsp of finely ground non-iodized salt or a slightly rounded ½ tsp of coarsly ground salt in the neti pot with 8oz of warm water until the salt is completely dissolved.

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    I am so sorry your are suffering with sinus trouble.

    This is going to sound terrible, but have you tried a warm saline rinse to your sinuses?

    You take 1 or 2 tsp salt (sea salt works best) to 16 OZ of distilled water. Warm the water so that it feels slightly warm to the touch NOT HOT. Put the water/salt mixture into one of those squeezable sport bottles and spray it into one nostril while leaning over a sink. After you have rinsed one side a couple of times, switch to the other nostril.

    It feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but it will soon feel like heaven to your sinuses. If you can get the infection rinsed out your will feel so much better.

    I would do this 3 times a day until your better then once a day to keep the infection from comming back.

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    Im going to run out tomorrow and pick up a saline solution, nasal spray. Now maybe we can get some sleep over here. I appreciate everyones input on the sinus matter its wonderful how we manage to support one anpther via-internet! Thank you all and Happy Holidays!!!


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