having trouble getting out of a chair/car with fibro?

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  1. Just curious as I do and wonder if its fibro or older age. Especially a car, we have a taurus (sp?) and hate the low seats. Plus I have bad knees. If my husband wasn't laid off we would buy a suv as my son has one and its so easy to get in and out of. anyone?
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    esp during fibro flares, in the old days. I also have bad knees.

    What helped:
    1) I found it easier to get out of firm/hard bottom chairs than the soft ones
    2) Use a cane to help push yourself up (I used a quad cane w/4 legs)
    3) If you can afford it, those pneumatic-valve lift seats are worth their weight in gold. New, they cost about $150, but I lucked out & got one cheap at a Senior Center rummage. Family called the device the "butt booster."

    But thankfully I haven't needed it at all since starting LDN over a yr. ago.

    Best wishes.
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    I too have the same problem. Getting in/out of my car is awful, as is getting up out of chair/couch. I have a little nissan and it's awful getting out of. My DH has a Blazer, and it is a little easier getting out of that. I have a very bad back, leg problems, along with Fibro. Not sure about the age issue, well heck I guess I am getting up there in age. But I'm only 46, one never knows.

    Take Care!!


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    I started having trouble getting out of cars several years ago so we bought a van and it's really easy now. It has a step on the side and a handle to pull myself up with. This is so much easier that trying to rise up from a sitting position. Getting out is just a scoot and a step down. Our van is old but I wouldn't trade it in for anything cause the seats are soft and all broken in. GB66