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    How are things with your Mom. You said that they would blame you for your Mom's breathing, what about the aids that fed her laying down,they are the ones at fault. Don't ever feel like a bad daughter you have done everything that you can for your Mom and you love her so much. She knows it even if she doesn't say it all the time.

    I understand how you feel tho. I still feel that I was not a good daughter. I wish I could have done something about my brother a long time ago. Now the car that Daddy wanted him to have and even told him he would have to finish paying for is gone. I don't know if he will even try to get it back.

    He wanted me to call him at work today and give him the # to the girl at the bank. I gave it to him once before, he acted real down and said he would talk to be later. This will probably some how be my fault.

    Please let me know how things are with your Mom. Remeber to take care of yourself too.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, well just got back from the NH and she seemed ok! I thought she would be coughing over and over but she wasn't. She coughed just a little bit. THey did suction her and her sputum is on the wall in a container.

    They don't have her xray result yet. Me and her were laughing a lot. She was going "I'm I gonna see Dr Blueberry today"? and laugh,his name is Waterberry.

    When the good aid put her back in bed she was upright maybe 50% to where she should be. I told him and pressed the button to have her more upright. I don't know what to do.I was so worried overnight about her.

    Oh I hope your brother does try to get the truck back but for sure it is only his fault. How is he getting to work? Did he walk out and find his car gone from the apt?

    What are you up to this weekend? Same old for me.

    Well gonna go for now as I am so tired.

    Take care and thanks so much for you kind words!
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    I am glad that you had some laughs with your Mom today. I understand about all of the worry tho. It never quits does it?

    Bud said he looked out and saw a wrecker and went out. The guy asked him if he was Wendell Lambert and Bud said no that was his Dad and he was deceased. The guy told him he was there to repo the car. Bud must have tried to give him a sob story about my Dad just died. He did let Bud get all of the stuff out of the car.

    I am trying to decide rather or not to call him and see what he found out. If he is in one of his moods I will probably go off on him.

    I am really glad that your Mom seemed better today. Keep me posted.

    God bless; Pam
  4. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    I hope things are ok.
  5. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam,how are you? I kept coming here thinking I posted last and was waiting for you! Did you ever talk to Bud yet? How was your weekend?

    Well found out that my moms lung is partially colapsed. ThAT makes her vulnerable to pneomonia as well. Also she is coughing today again but everyonce in a while.

    I am upset to because the good aid was going to put her in bed so I left the room. She had just ate and he then again DIDN'T put her up only 50% of where she should be which makes food go in the lungs.

    I'm going back again tonight for dinner. I am tired but I'll worry all night. I will go later then dinner as I just called and shes asleep. Yea the worry never ends but I am thankful shes here for me to worry about.

    Went to Wal Mart yesterday with Snuggles. Everyone loved him. I asked if I could bring him in they said yes. I got him a cute rain coat.

    They had the cutest Halloween kids costumes. Does Alexis dress up for Halloween? If I new a little kid I would get them one they are so cute.

    Talk to ya later!

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    My weekend was good. Bill and I went out for a nice late lunch yesterday. I went and bought some mums, and flower bulbs. Today we planted them and did some other yard work. I made a big Sunday dinner and Alan, Andre, and the grandbabies came for dinner. Needless to say I am pooped and sore. Alexis is spending the night so I can take her to preK tomorrow.

    I am sorry to hear about your Mom's lung. Why does it take some people so long to know what to do? That aid should know by now that she is suppose to not lay down after she eats. It sounds like you are completely wearing your self down. How was she when you went back after dinner?

    I did call Bud Friday evening. He seemed to be in a little better mood. He said he talked to them at the bank and they said for $685 he can have the car, of course he would have to pay storage costs to. He said they said that they had called and he told them that they had not talked directly to him that they called me. He said that I called him and told him a couple of times, I can almost bet that he did not tell them that. He told me on Thrus. to call him at work and give him the # and the girl's name. When I talked to him Fri. night he said that he had called and left a message on her voice mail on Tues. morning. He is still lieing. All he had to do was contact them and they would have made some kind of arrangements.

    Alexis said she wants to be the good witch from the Wizard of Oz for halloween. I think they want to find a curious george costume for Draven.

    Pleas try and get some rest. I am not going to tell you not to worry, I know that is impossible. Take care.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, oh that sound nice your dinner with your family. Do they help with the cooking or clean up? What did you make?

    Oh the grandkids will look so cute in their costumes. Did Bud get the truck yet or plan to soon?

    My mom last night didn't want to eat really which was fine with me as I didn't want her to as she is aspirating. Though in bed 30 after the drops of morphine she was going "I'm falling, I'm falling". I'm told the nurse again.

    Today she wasn't so nice and the rn goes oh did you call today cause your mom said not to answer the phone she didn't want to talk.

    She wasn't being so nice (mom) but she did eat the yams I made for her. Tonight I am NOT going as I am to tired and the better aid will be there.

    It sure is a beautiful day today. Upper 70s and sunny. How is your weather? I can't believe its almost October.

    I found out today I can pick a funeral home and NOT pay for it. I made some calls.

    Well hope you get to eat some left overs from your big dinner yesterday.

    Take care,
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    So sorry that you Mom was being mean today. Could it be the morphine? I am glad that you feel comfortable enough that you can stay home and rest.

    I made fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, pea, corn, and cornbread. Years ago Daddy talked Bill into putting the gravy on a piece of cornbread, so now every time I make the chicken gravy I have to make cornbread. Andrea offered to help. Bill is always willing to help and Alan offers also.

    I haven't talked to Bud since Friday. I don't know what he is doing. Bill told me we could go and pay for the car but I decided not to. He has a good truck and I have a good car.

    I am glad that you can go ahead and pick the funeral home. I am telling you from experience it will help.

    I didn't eat leftovers tonight. I made myself some spaghetti. Bill doesn't care for it so I made it while he wasn't home. I will eat the leftovers tomorrow.

    I hope things go ok with your Mom. Take care of yourself and keep me posted.

    God bless; Pam

  9. Rene

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    Hi Pam, that dinner you made sounds so good. I hope you take up the kids to help you out.

    Well my mom is in a lot of pain and I can't get anyone to budge on the meds. Even the osbudsman. Also the narcotics went UP during the time she had no food and on the iv!! I didn't know that. I wanted them down before even that.

    I called the dr again. I don't know what else to do. Maybe a lawyer next.

    My mom is coughing some and that is really bad as food is going in her lungs. Not as bad as before but still bothersome. I'm thinking of maybe a tube again but don't know.

    I talked about it a little and she goes "i won't leave you I've had pneomonia before" which was nice but I said mom this can be really serious.

    Sounds like it is gonna be about $750 for the cremation.

    HOw are things going with the truck?

    Take care,

  10. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    I am so very sorry that things are the way they are with you Mom. What is their reasoning for not controling her pain. Has the Dr. called you yet? I would call two or three times a day, it is their job to take care of your Mom and keep you informed. I will never understand the medical field.

    I don't know if I told you or not but the home health care people sent a bill for two days after Daddy passed away. Nice try on their part. I never felt like they where doing their job anyway.

    I have not talked to my brother since Friday so I don't know if he has done anything or not. I may call him tonight if I can get in the right mood. I know there are a bunch of papers and bills and such for Daddy that need to be addressed that are just sitting there. I may put in a change of address for Daddy.

    The price for the cremation sounds very reasonable. They took Bill's mom to the cleaners in Florida when his Dad died. They charged her over $2400 and there was no service or showing. When his Mom passed away it cost a little over $800.

    I need to get ready and go pick Alexis up from preK. Her Daddy took her this morning but he has a Drs. appt on his knee so I am picking her up.

    Take care and keep me informed. You guys are still in my prayers.

    God bless; Pam
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    Hi Pam, how are you? Wow $2400 for the cremation. Oh that is awful. I may have done the same thing if I didn't have to pick one out ahead of time to give to the NH. I had no idea how much it costs.

    How did Alans appt go? I remember the last time he went the dr sounded like he was a good dr.

    Well yesterday my mom was in bad pain and the rn only gave her a asprin. Usually they give her to much so I said something but an asprin is rediculous so I had her give her a norco.

    My mom was crazy today. She was completely naked wouldn't get dressed. I fed her and she made me alternate between pudding and thickened water. Then she through her pillow. She acted like a 3 yr old throwing a fit.

    I wrote the dr today and the NH Rn will fax it. The drs office said the request goes quicker if the NH will fax it. The osbudsman told me the NH is giving less meds then required. I go I don't care if she is acting that way still then the meds are still to much.

    She has a fentanal patch and that is really bad from what I've read.

    Jennifer, the sweet gal with ms, is being drugged to. She is just laying in her bed very sedated,and now if I talk to her she says off the wall stuff like her childeren are on tv in soap opera. I'm telling the rn.

    SHe used to paint in her room with her radio going and be very happy.

    did you talk to Bud? How is he getting to work?

    Well gonna get ready for bed and watch Dancing with the Stars.

    Take care and thanks for all your kindness!
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    Alan's Dr. wants him to go for physical therpy. Insurance will not cover it so I do not know what he is going to do. He is doing so much better with the pain meds, not having to take it as often. I am glad for that.

    No I did not talk to Bud I just was not in the mood. I did finally put in a change of address for Daddy. I know that there are things coming there that I need to close out what is left. I do not know if there are any other charge card people that need to be notified or not. I can not depend on Bud to get the mail to me.

    It is a real shame that they are doping people up. I know you don't want your Mom to hurt but when she is out of her head like she was today you want something done. I hope that the Dr. gets back to you quickly. I feel sorry for that other lady to. Does she have any family that visits?

    What is a fentanal patch? Is it for pain?

    It is getting late and I think I am going to turn in. Talk to you later.

    God bless; Pam
  13. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi Pam, how are you? I'm sorry that Alan has to have physical therapy and no insurance. It sould be covered. Does he have cobra insurance? Good idea on changing your dads mail to come to your house.

    Well good news finally. The dr faxed a change in meds when I was on the phone to the rn telling her the funeral home I picked.

    He is cutting down everything I said. Boy though my mom will be livid when she finds out. I don't want them to tell her and the rn said she won't but the others will. We may have to raise them a little, who knows, but something had to change

    Last night she was telling me I was the RN named Anew and I told her no mom I'm not. She had two does of morphine in 5 hours! I tried to stop it but had no right.

    I'm getting ready to go in a few minutes. I made her some yams with marshmellows and made Leslie some too.

    Well talk to ya later!
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    I am glad that the Dr. finally did something about your Mom's meds. I can not believe that the nurses can just go in there and tell her that the Dr. has cut them down. Here if a patient wants to refuse meds they can. You being her POA you would think that you could say no. That is alot of morphine in a short time.

    You are so sweet to fix and take for your friend Lesile. She is lucky to have someone like you. Your Mom is so very lucky to have you.

    I put the change of address in for Daddy. I found out that they will send a change notification to his old address so Bud will know. I don't see what the big deal is anyway.

    I have Alexisw tonight. I am going to take her to preK tomorrow. Her Papa will hopefully be home by the time we get back.

    I am waiting for a load of towels to get finished drying so I can fold them than I am going to bed.

    I hope things work out with your Mom's meds. Take care of yourself.

    God bless; Pam
  15. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hi How are you? Did bud contact you yet? I had to change my moms address to along time ago and put down the nursing home. The post office had to send the change to the house. I changed the important mail on the phone to my place.

    So what are you up to this weekend? How is your weather?

    Went to the NH today and she was still not acting right. Naked and just out of her mind. She pulled out her cathater again and I go why and she goes "who knows". I go doesn't it hurt and she said it didn't.

    I just hope I get my mom back sorta with some of the meds reduced. I have seen her act different with in 30 min of it so I know for sure that the meds did it.

    I gave the nursing home the funeral home that I will use. Its not to far. I called one to and they wanted $1500 with no service. I wonder why? Well actually they said they can set up a viewing before so yo can see them. But I wouldn't want to see my mom.

    I am so tired I didn't shower to save energy. I may go back but only for 20 min as I heard the good aid has tonight off.

    Take care,
  16. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    How did it go when you went back to the NH? Have you noticed any difference in you Mom or have they started cutting down the meds yet? I hope you can get some rest. I hope your Mom quits pulling her cath. out, as you said you would think that it would hurt.

    I can a slip for a certified letter yesterday. I picked it up today and it was from the place that Daddy's car was financed from. They said that if we did within 10 days we could have the car for $650 plus $350 repo fees. If not it would be sold and if it did not sale for that amount we would owe the balance, if it sold for more we would be entitled to the surplus.

    I am so mad right now. I was going to call my brother today right at this present minute I do not care if I ever see or talk to him. I will have to call him later because I would to tell him about the letter and that I am not doing this by myself.

    I told Bill it was just a car, but Daddy wanted Bud to have it because he had no transportation and now it is gone. As Bills said he could have taken it to a car lot and got more for it or went to the bank and worked out something.

    I hope things are going ok for you. I truly hope that your Mom starts doing better when they get her meds cut down. Do something nice for yourself and get some rest.

    Thanks for listening. Take care.

    God bless; Pam

  17. Rene

    Rene New Member

    HI Pam, how are you doing? I wrote last night and a weird page showed up and it wouldn't post my reply.

    Sorry about the truck. Bud get a wonderful gift which he really didn't 100% deserve, and can't even hold on to it and its your job to fix it right! Sounds like my brother. Who is the bank gonna send the bil to if it goes to the auction?

    He better make his rent or then what?

    Well my mom is less sleepy. SHe is in pain but she has been as well as before and there was no way she could have more then what she had.

    She is on me about wanting to go home. She thinks its me holding her there but I told her she needs 24 hour care. SHe goes people need a place to live who can take care of me and I go what kind of people?

    SHe didn't know she was in the nursing home a yr. I told her cause she asked me. SHe was shocked. I told her she had been in and out of the hospital and has almost died. I know she doesn't remember that for sure. I told her I was there for everyone of them.

    I took your advice and bought me something at Bath and Body works. I only been there once yrs ago and its down' the street. I got a scented plug in warmer for the apt. I never get me anything like that and it was $12.00. I love it its really makes the room smell good.

    Talk to ya latter!
    Rene[This Message was Edited on 09/30/2007]
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    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Your right my brother had a gift and could not hold on to it. I still have not talked to him as of yet. I need to bring up the certified letter. I wish in a way that Daddy had put Bud's name on the car before he passed away. Every time I think about it I get mad.

    How is your Mom doing. It sounds like the lower of the meds has her in a better frame of mind. Do you think she meant there where people who needed a place to live so they could live with her and take care of her. Like room and board in exchange for being a caregiver? I know it is hard for them to be in a NH but when they need 24hr care there is no other choice.

    I am glad that you got something for your self. Bath and Body works is one of my favorite stores.

    Alan called at 11:00 and told me I did not need to bother picking up Alexis at preK. She has been coughing and her temp was 101.4. He may have to take her to the Dr. tomorrow. It seems like she did this about this time last year.

    I am getting very sleepy and think I will go to bed. We where going to bed when Alan called and neither one of us could go to sleep. I think I can now.

    Take care of yourself and keep me posted on things.

    God bless; Pam
  19. Rene

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    Hi Pam, how are you and how is Alexis? I was reading what was going on with us a yr and go and you and BIll went to Wal Mart at 6 am to get a Tickle me Elmo and someone bumped your car. HOpe she is ok.

    Is the car in your dads name still? SInce you never signed the finace agreement do they have a right to come after you for the balance? I hope somehow Bud gets the money.

    Went to feed my mom last night and will go again tonight for dinner. She ate 3 puddings and the yams I made her and that was it. They forgot the gravy for her meat so she won't eat it.

    I got a card from bath and body work if I spend $10 I get something free. I may just do that. Do they have specials like that alot?

    Well I haven't even showered yet so I better get to doing that.

    Take care,
  20. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    It does not seem like a year ago that we went after the tickle me Elmo.

    I don't think they can hold me accountable for the balance. As Bill said it is a scare tactic. If they do try it Bud is going to have to pay for it too if I have to take him to court. I bet he is not even trying to get the money. You can be sure it is someone elses fault. More than likely mine.

    It sounds like your Mom is doing a bit better off of some of the meds. Is she still eating the puree food?

    Alexis still does not feel very well. Her little throat is red and she is coughing.

    Bath & Body works does have alot of good sales. I have not been there for a while.

    I am worn out so am going to go rest. Take care and keep me posted.

    God bless; Pam

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