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    Hello ~

    Just a quick note about a book by Esther Sternberg called The Balance Within. Ms. S. is a scientist who has realized how our Central Nervous System can be affected by long-term stressors to the point of affecting our immune system. Sound familiar?

    She also talks about how things like meditation, prayer, behavior modifiction and counseling can help us get our nervous systems back in line along with appropriate meds. She emphasizes that illness caused by stressors (positive and negative) eventually creating immune system deficiency is a very real physical problem. She says that the medical community has hurt progress in this field by not understanding it until very recently, but says that the capabilities to see into the brain, cells, the nervous sytem and genes is relatively new. This makes so much sense! and is completely in line with our thinking - and that of the CDC, sorta.

    Amazon has the book for $10.88+ tax and shipping, a bit over $14 total. I ordered it today but I'm sure it will continue to reinforce our thinking about dysfunctional neurotransmitters and our illness.

    Hope everyone has a good Sunday. I feel progress!

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    Will do, Prickles. I'll read and report.

    And Hayleycole, if I owned such a clinic you can be sure I'd hire you to run it!


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