Hayleycole, would you help me with a challenge?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Oct 17, 2006.

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    A few months ago I spoke to my Psychologist. He mentioned as we discussed things as we often do that he have a patient that is blind- and that she is not physically blind, but psychologically.

    I don't beleive in that kind of stuff, as I don't believe in many of the other reasons people are sent for psychiatric diagnosis for physical illnesses. We have all hear of people with FM and CFS, as well as (before there was a fiagnostic marker for it) MS, Lyme, etc.

    I have this urge to proove my doc wrong- I can't imagine this lady's blindness is all in her head! Imagine if she is not educated in those areas and belive the diagnosis. She keeps going to counseling to help her get rid of blindness! She may even blame herself. Imagine her family- what is their reaction- and support?

    Who knows,anyways, If your'e up for it (I know you like to research as well as I do!) maybe you can find something that disprooves his "diagnosis"?

    Anyone el for that matter is welcome to do the same! I am SOO curious about this! Logic tells me it is not possible, but who knows?

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    Wow! Impressive.

    That is amazing. I assume this lady had all the medical tests nessecary to exlude physical cause.

    So, I guess I'll keep trusting my Psychiatrist,,,LOL!

    Maybe we should be more forgiving when we're sent to Psychiatrists when we display with symtoms that can't prooven with lab or other testing. The physicians also have to battle insurance companies with a good excuse for the more expensive testing (MRI, EEG, etc).

    My daughter is an absolute bundle of restlessness, she won't leave me alone, I have to go.

    You found this so quickly! Thanks bunches!!!


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