HBOT: I looked up the site for docs that do Q is:

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    Is one doctor as good as the next?? What other things should i ask when i call them? Does it matter if they specialize in lyme??

    I think it was Victoria who posted the http... (Thank you for that.

    I am, also, (like victoria's son) on SSI and only have medi-cal. I'm assuming i will have to pay full price and out of pocket or do some docs accept medi-cal?

    Just thought I would ask to see if anyone can give me more advice on this.
    thank you
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    Firstly, probably only 'alternative medicine' clinics will probably do it for you - there are less than 20 FDA approved uses for HBOT, and that is what most clinics/hospitals follow. You will probably just have to call around and ask who can take MedicCal - I lucked out that the clinic I called first was the closest and seemed to know how to file in order to get paid - I never expected Medicaid actually to pay, was totally shocked!

    We bought the clinical textbook and researched and researched, but -- after seeing my son's LLMD in December - we find the LLMD has found it is better to do it differently (less frequently, paired with abx and followed by flagyl, and at a different pressure).

    It was actually good to hear, as I know that at least at the point my son was at, he did need to stop, it was becoming too much for him; there was no way he could stick it out.

    My suggestion is to get Joseph Burrascano's recommendations and also talk to your LLMD if you have one... if you don't have one, it will pay to go to one ultimately. You might also want to research at - like most things, there is more than one way to do things and even tho most experts may seem to agree that one protocol is the best, ultimately it may need to be tailored to you.

    Hope this helps,