HBP and Fresh Garlic

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    I'm on BP meds and would rather NOT be for sure.

    Prior to getting on them, I tried everything, fresh garlic, celery and lots of
    other supps for BP including Kyolic.....I had to end up on meds...

    Just talking to another person about a supp that "may" elevate BP and don't
    want that to happen, another person brought up fresh garlic and AGAIN I'm
    going there....just chugged down 1 chopped clove on a tsp with a little honey
    on it and then chugged down water.....felt like I was doing a good thing.

    Going to add a clove to my green drink NOW too. Maybe I can get off at least
    one med....that would be GOOD....

    Talking to a friend this morning who is in need of 2 naps per day and sleeps
    good all night, but she has low BP, so I think that is NOT good either...
  2. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    That person who brought up fresh garlic AGAIN, came back and said she chops up 6 cloves every morning and drinks it down with fresh juice....I'm going to up the garlic for a while and SEE......
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    Hi Jam - :Let me know about the fresh garlic please. I have been doing the cinnamon and it seemed to be doing well for my b/p. Wonder if that already prepared garlic is jars would work? I know they would be more expensive. However, I have also been taking Tumeric /Cumercin and Ginger for pain of OA and FM. The Cinnamon seemed to be helping some with the b/p which is what I was most concerned about. As you also know I have been increasing my Magnesum.. Hoping I am not allergic or sensitive to magnesium. Taking a little oxide and the rest citrate caps. I am just taking so much high blood Pressure meds (strong) and hoping to take something natural along with them and all the other meds.

    Well, I have been noticing for awhile some pinkish blotches under the skins, legs and arms mostly. It is hard to really see them unless you look really hard. I am guessing that might be an allergy or sensitivity to one of the spices especially. So I am getting off of them for awhile to see how I do. I know I should have been more careful but just anxious to see if something could help this OA in my neck, as well as my b/p. I know that sometimes these type blotches can also be from stress or nerves.

    Another dumb thing is I must have gotten s little bit of poison ivy or sumac or whatever in my yard and it was a tiny little pustule which I was very leery of. Yes, it has blossomed and is itchy and looks like crap and is spreading. We are going OOT on Thursday , great timing. If that gets worse I will ask the doc for a steroid script. I might also mention the blotches but my DH hasn't even mentioned them. You have to look at my arms or legs in the good light and look really hard to see anything. MY poison ivy or whatever is very itchy and I feel itchy lots of places but not sure what is from what :)!!

    Sorry for the book. Just wanted to touch base and see if there were any other natural things I might be able to take. I know I need to get some celery too. I keep forgetting and DH is not much for celery unless it is cooked and in something yummy.

    Bye for now. TTYL :)!!

  4. jaminhealth

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    Granni, I've been doing more searches on "raw garlic and high blood pressure" and there is tons of info online. I've dabbled in raw garlic over the years for HBP but never stayed with it ongoing....I think the best thing is to take at least 1 clove of chopped garlic per day like forever...I bought 2 nice large bulbs yesterday and going to concentrate on that more....I'd like "LESS" BP meds... So far today, I've had 4 cloves some in my green drink and others in salads....

    Many take Kyolic and I took it years ago but at this time, and I have a LOT of time to work with fresh foods, I'm doing the raw cloves....

    Celery is good too as I've said before and keeping a large baggie in the refrig and eating a few stalks per day is easy...for YOU...

    I see my MD probably next month for annual and BP check in her office and we'll see where my BP is....I feel good in that area....and took my BP every day for years and tired of doing that....

    Anyway, there is meditation too.....jam