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    Does anybody know the normal reading for someone that is 5 1 125 pounds? I need tto know cause Mine has been going up and down for the last week usually its low bottom number under 80 But latley its been over 90 and then last night the bottom number was over 100. Im on Meds for this. I dont see my Doctor untill the 22 of this month.. But My ? is should I be worierd if itgoes over 100? Ty Robin
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    I can't print this out here because it is a great chart, but the safe site below is a blood pressure site and gives you a great chart with all the blood pressures and helps you understand what is what. It also helps you understand a bit more about the upper and lower numbers.

    SPECIAL NOTE: If I have a migraine, my blood pressure shoots up higher every time. If the person doing the blood pressure pumps the cuff until it begins slicing through my arm and I begin going "pain, pain, pain, pain" and she knows she pumped it up way too far and way too tight and it's causing me too much pain, my blood pressure will read higher. Blood pressure for me will flucuate, so yesterday I was 106/80 at the eye surgeon's office, but at the neurologist with a severe migraine and before he does the block (needles in my head), I may read 132/90. Earlier this year when I saw my regular doctor at the HMO and a new nurse asked me what I was here to see the doctor about and I told her and instead of writing it she gave me a pencil and paper and said to write it down and I told her NO, then I told her she should do a temperature and blood pressure on me--my blood pressure was high because I was dealing with a twit and I wasn't going to be an unpaid nurse for the HMO.

    Good luck and hugs.

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    100 and over is considered moderately high. I would suggest cutting back on sodium, read all labels and keep your sodium level really low. No one should have more that 1 teaspoon of salt a day......
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    Sometimes the blood pressure tools we use outside the doctor's office to measure blood pressure may not be as effective. How about making an appointment with the doctor or his nurse to get a good blood pressure reading before you start to worry about it. Hugs.
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    Ty to all that took time to answer My ? U guys are great. Like I siad I see My Docitir Next Monday and will Tell Him/her what is going on. I will let U all know what He /Her said then Thanks again

    Love Robin

    PS. Hugs all around :)