he has cancer & I (caregiver) have major depression

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by letmebe, Apr 29, 2004.

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    My ex husband has cancer which is now in his lungs and near his heart. He still gets around but needs oxygen. I have major depression and am trying to do all i can to keep my head above water. I am soooooo worried what i am going to do when he gets worse. I won't put him in hospice. They come to our home to help.(We're together) I thank God for them! But can't help thinking if I will be able to deal with what comes next. I love him very much and want the best for him.
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    I can certainly understand and my heart goes out to you, you are stronger than you realize already, because you are caring for your ex husband, since i became very ill alot of friends and some of my own family has nothing to do with me anymore.
    So just being there for him and caring for him and showing him love, i think is the best medicine in the world, god will help with all the rest.
    If you need a friend to talk with or just to listen, ill look for your post's or you can ask a admin. for my e-mail if you would like to write me.
    Take care of yourself also you are important too you know, and big hugsss