He helped me write this.....

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    It's not polished yet , but I wanted to share :

    God has gave me blessings
    Of each day that I'm dressing
    In camo gear assured
    To share His word for sure

    "I made the great outdoors
    So no one would be floored
    When life does make you mad
    Just go outdoors , be glad

    I built this church for you
    So you would not be blue
    And forward look to Me
    So you shall always see

    I'm always in your heart
    And we shall never part
    As long as you believe
    I'm always by your sleeve"

    So goes this little poem
    That helps us through the storm
    You can always go outside
    And He'll be by your side

    Though God is just one name
    His love is still the same
    And when He's thrown some blame
    Excuses are just so lame

    This poem's not be best
    But life is just a test
    When we believe in Him
    Life is not a whim.

    ( Thank you God for letting me to be able to write this ! And thanks for helping me.)

    Blessings !!!!!!!!

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  2. morningsonshine

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    for sharing, i know that can be hard sometimes.
    enjoyed reading it,
    God Bless,
  3. Granniluvsu

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    Great poem !! Yes, I am sure HE did help you to write it and you did a good job too.

    It is simple, sweet and true !! He is the ONE of our constant strengths, even if we may not think so, at the time when bad things may be happening.

    God bless and thanks alot for sharing,

  4. Shirl

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    Bill, enjoyed reading it. I did go outdoors today for the first time in a longtime, and yes, it did help.....The trees are blooming, the Jasmines are blooming, and the wild animals are all over the place, new baby birds flying around, and baby squirrels climbing up huge trees! Yes, God is so wonderfully creative! All we need to do is look around us................................

    Again, thank you for sharing.

    Shalom, Shirl

    BILLCAMO New Member

    But , I was only the instrument......not the creator...

    He gave you and I some precious gifts !

    So , we all must do our best to enjoy.

    Blessings ,

  6. Jana1

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    I love reading creative works about God.

    Shirl, I miss you.

    I pray for you when your name comes to mind. God bless you as you meet your struggles and give you victory.