- He Is the Potter -

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    - He Is the Potter -

    Dear Father, help me look
    At this day as belonging to you.
    Help me, Lord, through each
    And everything I undertake to do,
    Knowing Thou art the Kingly potter;
    I being only the clay,
    Mold me and shape me, Lord.
    Always, have Thine own way.

    Let me, in that time, walk
    In the garden of grace with Thee.
    Help me, Lord, to ever strive
    In only what Thou would have me be.
    Help me to remember,
    In all my allotted days,
    To yield, as I am the clay.
    And, concerning my life, mold me,
    Lord, in Thine own sweet way.

    Thou art the potter of all time,
    With the making of Heaven and earth;
    Even to the shaping and timing
    Of each and everyone's birth.
    Mold me, closely, by the standards
    Of Thine own Son, my Savior,
    And, in my heart and mind,
    I Pray I will never from Him waver.

    Take each thought, Lord.
    Sift it and make it as clean
    As the purest snow
    And wherever this Potter goes,
    Dear Lord, surely I may also go ~
    From earth to Heaven, far beyond
    The crystal sea, clear as can be.
    And, Lord, take my hand in Thine,
    In following after Thee.

    Mold me and keep me from all harm,
    Now and forevermore,
    Even as we come to that
    Beautiful river's wondrous shore.
    Mold me to your liking and keep me,
    As I am Thine own clay.
    Help me to watch
    For that bright morning,
    For that awesome day.

    © 2003 by Pearlie Duncan Walker
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    I am but a piece of clay.