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    them are my ibanez guitars. when i was starting to play it was sped metal time so i bought the ibanez guitars with the wizard neck for faster rippin up and down the neck. i just sold a jem 777 ibanez like steve via plays (he actually made this guitar) .

    last time i played was with my brother in a church in st joseph mo.. it was fun but not my main thing. i have missed several chances to play with bands due to this cfs crap. ill bet you know what i mean. so where are you located ? be well drummer man bill
    ps big ted nugent fan >
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    just wanted to say those are some nice guitars in your profile picture. my husband in a guitar player/song writer and he records musicians in the studio we have in our house. i play the piano a little bit just for fun now, i used to play with him in one of his bands but it got to be to hard for me. i'm always glad to see musicians on message boards.