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    Once upon a time in a far away land,
    A great King decided on a glorious new plan.

    To create peculiar people just like himself,
    To help rule his kingdom and share his wealth.

    He'll shower them with grace and great glory from above.
    A secret perfect plan, expressing his depth of love.

    He wanted them wise and dear to his heart.
    He even made a way, so he could play a part.

    He formed them from some dust and from a little clay.
    He knew that they would fall, and surely lose their way.

    First he'll make them a spirit and then he'll make them a soul.
    Add a marvelous mind, a true beauty to behold.

    He knew he'd yeild a huge harvest, sweet fruit of his vine, great vintage.
    Fashioned them like himself, made especially in his image.

    He'll watch and brood right over them, as they grow up before his eyes.
    Oh the joy of an expectant father,to watch his children slowly grow wise.

    They'll live with him forever, especially in his rest.
    He'll share his wealth and kingdom, giving nothing but the best.

    He'll even give them power and access to his might.
    He'll treat them as dear children, very precious in his sight.

    He'll always continue to bless them, he'll always be very near.
    A kind and sensitive father, they'll always have his ear.

    He'll share all of his wisdom, secret knowledge and future increase.
    As a special gift in eternity he'll give them his joy and peace.

    He'll put his plan in motion, many things must fall in place.
    He'll plant and grow some kings, who'll finally see his face.

    Using the hosts of Heaven to help him reach his goal.
    Controlling every event as his plan begins to unfold.

    Now a plan such as this is a very personal thing.
    Creatures made in his image, who'll become his sons and kings.

    As his plan unfolded, predestined to work out fine.
    He'll use all of creation and start the clock of time.

    It would all work in rhythm, using careful slots of time.
    Perfect turn of events, never ahead or falling behind.

    His plan will always move forward, nothing stronger will stand in it's way.
    Precisely right on schedule, right through to crowning day.

    He'll even play his part, to wind up all-in-all.
    He'll use his mighty angels and give the effectual call.

    The effectual call will strike them to come to him and live.
    He'll call out loud to the flock, beckoning those that are his.

    Now he knew he'd get his remnant for he knows they'll answer his call.
    His plan working smooth and effecient, he'll wind up all-in-all.

    Remnant he reserved unto himself, shall surely and truly come.
    Their father sheperding over them, he'll never lose not one.

    For the tares he used to work his plan, are mixed in with the wheat.
    He planned it all in such a way, those not his, he will not keep.

    As a husbandman and keeper, must seperate wheat from tares.
    The pruning time of Judgement, a sign he really cares.

    Then he took some angels, he knew would go astray.
    He weaved them in his plan, and made a Judgement day.

    For there surely must be a Judgement, to set good and evil apart.
    A time to measure character, a special day to Judge hearts.

    He knew he'd have to prepare some for their crucial day.
    Counsel them before trial time, advise them of the best way.

    He'll tell them to come guilty to the mercy of the court.
    His angels will use this gauge, between good and evil they'll sort.

    Must look inside to see who's true, which ones his spirit can fill.
    Which ones remind him of himself, which ones love to do his will.

    For the Judgement shows who's genuine, No deception or playing of games.
    Which ones truly want kingship, which ones will see the flames.

    The flames are for those against him, made especially for this end.
    He knew there would be enmity, his justice he'll have to defend.

    Using hosts to carry out his plan, he created all sorts of beings.
    Truly knowing they'll war against him, his and their wills never agreeing.

    For those who warred against him, he'll settle with them near end.
    Foolish thoughts of coup and mutiny, great victory he'll easily win.

    He even made special demons, who'll overthrow him if they could.
    To show he can defeat them, showing nothing is stronger than good.

    He even made a tempter to spread some toils and trials.
    And turned him loose on his people, But only for awhile.

    He knew that some would love evil and join the tempter's side.
    From those who pleasured in it, his wisdom he'll secretly hide.

    He knew some would say why cruelty ? To use evil is a unholy shame.
    But his plan will work to perfection, showing evil was actually quite tamed.

    Keep in mind he's a very wise king and he wants his dear children as same.
    He knows just what he's doing, knees will bow and confess to his name.

    He knew that some would stumble and never worship him like they should.
    He knew when placed before them, they'll choose evil instead of good.

    He knew that some would be careless and grab the world and all they can hold.
    But then upon the Judgement, they'll lose their very own soul.

    He knew that some wouldn't think he existed, thinking everything became of it's own.
    Lacking wisdom to know he's the creator, ruling all from the seat of his throne.

    He knew that some would not believe him, stay deceived till the day they die.
    Never tasting the sweet fruit of pure truth, malnutritioned from living a lie.

    He knew that some would be in denial, never admitting that they are lost.
    Come to judgement in that sad condition and pay an eternal penalty and cost.

    He knew that some would think he's silent, that his plan has slowed or stalled.
    But he's actually behind the scenes conducting and orchestrating all.

    He knew that some would think their actions will play the major part.
    Never knowing he'll look inside them and judge them by their hearts.

    He knew that some would ignore him and live just as they pleased.
    An example to use at judgement, show the penalty of being deceived.

    He knew that some would slumber and the time would pass them by.
    Then upon the judgement, they'll gnash their teeth and cry.

    He knew that some would hate wisdom, let foolishness reign supreme.
    All those who relished darkness would never become great kings.

    He knew that some would doubt him and eonder if he's in control.
    Instead of them growing wiser, they'll stay foolish, although they're old.

    He knew that some would hate light, it's darkness they prefer instead.
    Their whole life lived in blindness, poor victims of being misled.

    He knew that some would love darkness and prefer to have it that way.
    To the outer parts he'll cast them, forever in darkness they'll stay.

    He knew that some would forget him, erase his existence from their mind.
    His sea of forgetfulness he'll cast them, but a remnant he'll save as great find.

    He knew that some would lose confidence, that their faith in him would be lost.
    What a costly path they chose, resulting in such a huge loss.

    He knew that some would have questions, second guessing him and his plan.
    Wondering why create a tempter with strong demons, wondering why create such a weak man ?

    He knew that some would be blinded, thinking heaven and hell is on earth.
    Lacking vision to see the big picture, lacking wisdom to know their soul's worth.

    He knew that some would love idols, worship heroes and even themselves.
    Never giving him his due reverence, so he expanded the size of hell.

    He knew that some would be confounded, thinking death on earth ends it all.
    What a surprise they'll get at judgement, tried, convicted and elected to fall.

    He knew that some would reject him, pick and choose their own God for themselves.
    Lacking wisdom to know he's the original, that besides him there is no one else.

    He knew that some would forget, amidst their trials and strife.
    From whence they actually came, just dust and the breath of his life.

    His kings must be sincerely honest and regret their exposure to evil.
    Come away from it all stronger, not weak and spirit feeble.

    His kings must be the humble ones, the ones he'll save and keep.
    Gather them one-by-one, till his plan is all complete.

    He knew he'd have to destroy some with earthquakes, fires and floods.
    Far greater number he'll save by the shedding of his blood.

    He knew that some would say reveal it, why keep your plan to yourself.
    But to those who seek him in earnest, he'll reveal it till nothing is left.

    Now the creator's plan is soecial, he knew it would be misunerstood.
    Can't let that stop it's movement, doing the things he knew he should.

    For his plan is an outlet for love, granting dead men power to live.
    He set it up this way, an opportunity to show he can give.

    As his plan continues, making history throughout the years.
    A rhythm smooth and lovely making music to his ears.

    Now a plan such as this is a very personal thing.
    Creatures made in his image, who'll become his sons and kings.

    He'll adopt them in as his children, a strange and puzzling thing.
    He's not only all-in-all, but now he's king of kings.

    And all throughout eternity, his children and him as same.
    Member of his family, they'll share his royal name.

    For those who don't understand it, he'll explain to them in time.
    But his plan must surely move forward, not a minute or second behind.

    He knew that some would be haunted, never knowing their meaning of being.
    Stumble from trouble to trouble, he'll have mercy, turn blind into seeing.

    He knew that some would be mystified, being lost in the mysteries of life.
    Over-weighted with cares and worries, not a thought of eternity given twice.

    He knew that some would be hurt from the executing of his plan.
    But his intent is not to harm, great kings is the vision at hand.

    He knew that some would love wickedness, live their whole life as under a curse.
    For those, sin will have it's fullness, but in eternity it'll just get worse.

    He knew that some would be rotten, thinking evil each day and each night.
    He reserved them for his vengeance, to feel his wrath and might.

    He knew that some would kill him and nail him to a cross.
    He planned it all this way, yield a victory from a loss.

    He knew that some would think he's weak, never believing a word he said.
    Too weak a king and conqueror, to raise himself from the dead.

    He knew that some would be angry, saying why pick one, let the other go.
    When judging intents of the heart, critical things of discernment they don't know.

    He knew that some would think they're wise, fixed and set in their own personal way.
    Never knowing it's foolishness disguised, never believing in judgement day.

    He knew that some would say why bother, skip the trial and let everyone in.
    Lacking wisdom to know of the danger, the corrosiveness of only one sin.

    Now the great creator has a splended character, a marvelously magical mind.
    Special traits about his manner, we must constantly keep in mind.

    Keep in mind he's a very longsuffering king, must surely be suffering for all.
    But million years of joy in eternity, make the suffering seem quite small.

    Keep in mind he's a very loving king, his plan is expression of the fact.
    Created creatures he didn't have to, love inside he didn't hold back.

    Keep in mind he's a very patient king, for he'll wait till the season is due.
    He'll never rush it along, he'll thoroughly wait his plan through.

    Keep in mind he's a very powerful king, for nothing can withstand his will.
    Commanding all from his throne, through eternity he'll remain there still.

    Keep in mind he's a very creative king, made all from the works of his hand.
    Master molder and original craftsman, marvelous works so magically grand.

    keep in mind he's a very peculiar king, only he truly understands himself.
    A unique character and manner, besides him there is no one else.

    Keep in mind he's a very forgiving king, forgave many obviously wrong.
    Many were raised to a high place, even though they didn't belong.

    Keep in mind he's a very tender hearted king, for his mercies are tender indeed.
    He's easily moved with compassion, responding to every small need.

    Keep in mind he's a very holy king, deserves reverence and all due respect.
    A honor so great to be worshipped, A honor he'll defend and protect.

    Keep in mind he's a very farsighted king, can see things before they are.
    His vision strong and powerful, perfect, no defect or mar.

    Keep in mind he's a very giving king, for he gave of himself fully all.
    Gave life to those who should die, rescued many from such a great fall.

    Keep in mind he's a very understanding king, knowing what each creature goes through.
    Each plight has a touch on his heart, he'll help and do all he can do.

    Keep in mind he's a very sensitive king, each sorrow and tear can be felt.
    Keep in mind he's inside as creator, inside where darkness once dwelt.

    Keep in mind he's a very merciful king, freely giving to those who were wrong.
    Their lips now sing a new melody, their hearts now sing a sweet song.

    Keep in mind he's a very kind king, his intent is never to harm.
    He shows it by giving many warnings, he shows it by sounding alarms.

    Keep in mind he's a very wise king, it's wisdom that established his throne.
    It's wisdom that'll take him much farther, it's wisdom that makes all things known.

    Keep in mind he's a very conquering king, for he'll make all his enemies his stool.
    Win wars that'll show he's a victor, triumphant over evil and fools.

    Keep in mind he's a very spiritual king, having very little use for the flesh.
    His goals are spiritually eternal, in the spirit's when he's giving his best.

    Keep in mind he's a very wealthy king, the owner and creator of all.
    His wealth is ever growing, no boundaries, it can't be walled.

    Keep in mind he's a very fatherly king, dear children and him as same.
    Always concerned for the family, very close is where he'll remain.

    Those are the things to keep in mind when guessing or figuring his plan.
    He could see the end before he started, but went ahead with the creation of man.

    He knew that some would be lazy, never giving him nearly their best.
    He could never let such sluggards, ever join him in his sweet rest.

    He knew that some would love evil, never giving but expecting alot.
    Never knowing their heart is corrupted, never knowing it's hard as a rock.

    He knew that some would kill his messengers, deny everything they've heard.
    Say his book is just a fairy tale, never taking him at his true word.

    He knew that some would be vicious, doing things they'll never regret.
    Clearly knowing they're doomed at judgement, live their whole life fearing sure death.

    He knew that some would refuse his mercy, who can't stand having rule over them.
    Secretly wanting to be their own God, But their future will turn out quite grim.

    He knew that some would be selfish and think receiving is the best way to live.
    Never knowing it's more blessed to sacrifice, never knowing it's more blessed to give.

    He knew that some would be weaklings, lacking courage to ask for his might.
    For them he'll send special angels to guide them and show them the light.

    He knew that some would say he's too picky, too strict, his way is too hard.
    His plan is to wean some wise kings, his treasures and kingdom they'll guard.

    Took something cruel as evil and made it work for good.
    It would all work together and turn out like it should.

    For their short time on earth is to build character, from exposure to good and the bad.
    Dress rehearsal and practice beforehand, from tribulations great kings will be had.

    Exposing them to hardships, A strange and puzzling thing.
    But he had to do it this way to forge a bunch of kings.

    He knew they'll have many troubles, daily fears and dread to die.
    He planned it all this way, and only he knows why.

    H eknew that in their spirits would be darkness and a great void.
    But sent good news by messengers, to keep them afloat and buoyed.

    He even came himself and showed them how it's done.
    And if they followed him, he'd never lose not one.

    Gave up his life in heaven and came to earth to live.
    A substitute from their crimes, an example of how to give.

    And those who followed closely and never lost their way.
    Would never have a trouble upon their judgement day.

    He even sent his spirit to comfort their very poor souls.
    And left great gems of wisdom, more precious than fine gold.

    He even sent his spirit with visions of things to come.
    To help them with their struggles, that the war is already won.

    He even sent his spirit to fill them and go inside.
    To loose their bound up spirits, their souls to become untied.

    He even sent his spirit to post up warning lights.
    To steer them clear of hades and help them in their fight.

    He even sent his spirit to pave and show the way.
    Inspired weak men to write it and told them what to say.

    He even sent his spirit to tend and mend their wounds.
    He'll return to be right with them, not late, but very soon.

    He even sent his sporit, revealed his plan by clues.
    Inspired weak men to preach it, tell all of his good news.

    He even sent his spirit and told them just where to look.
    Blessed weak men with ears to listen, who wrote it in a book.

    He even sent his spirit to share with them his might.
    And blessed their minds with wisdom and turned on all the lights.

    He even sent some angels undercover and in disguise.
    To help them with their character, teaching them values of being wise.

    He even sent more angels to help them get along.
    And then he'll forgive a remnant, although they did him wrong.

    Then upon the judgement his angels will sort them all.
    To seperate the good ones from the ones about to fall.

    For those about to fall, he made a flaming place.
    They'll live with the tempter and demons, and never receive his grace.

    From all the torments of evil and living in much waste.
    He knew that some would resist it and learn to hate the taste.

    Disliking the taste of evil and everything it brings.
    Is only just the beginning in the making of great kings.

    From all of their experiences and everything they've seen.
    Would later come in handy to help them rule as kings.

    As kings they'll rule great kingdoms, too great to be foreknown.
    Each clothed in great glory and honor, A splendor of a throne.

    As kings they'll always be humble, pride and haughtness gone in a gust.
    Remembering they were poorly blind, remebering they came from dust.

    As kings they'll rule with kindness, for they know what they went through.
    The key's to just stay humble and never admire you.

    As kings, they'll just keep growing, for darkness will not be found.
    Giving birth to yet more citizens, kingdom growing by leaps and bounds.

    As kings, They'll all stay happy, old tears now a thing of the past.
    A huge and happy royal family, peace and joy guaranteed to last.

    As kings, they'll build great cities, their rule will have no end.
    Their citizens all will love them and honor them time and time again.

    As kings, their citizens will marvel and wonder why they're crowned.
    Not knowing what happened on earh, that they grew from dust of the ground.

    As kings, their citizens will be puzzled, seeing them and the creator as equal.
    Not knowing he planned it this way, to grow peculiar people.

    As kings they'll love their father, who wisely planned it all.
    Elected them as his children, gave them strength to answer the call.

    Million years of life in eternity, they'll marvel and look all around.
    Overwhelmed that such a greatness, could start from dust of the ground.

    The hosts involved who lived the plan, say it's hard to figure out.
    But the planner planned it all this way, when he chose to take this route.

    Keep in mind he's a patient father, clock of time is constantly ticking.
    His field is white for harvest, his kings are ripe for picking.

    They'll join him in his rest, father and sons ruling side-by-side.
    They'll live a wonderful life, Special love will always abide.

    So he got his peculiar people, just like himself.
    To help rule his kingdom and share in his wealth.

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