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  1. dzlady

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    My son plead guilty! He wouldn't listen to me and I couldn't find an attorney to take his case on payments, typical. He goes for sentencing on the 29th. I've been wearing out my prayer line to God these last few weeks. He's certain he's going to county jail for a year. I'm praying for probation, even though his entire life will be effected by this forever either way. Why do they think they know more than we do?

  2. 3gs

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    not sure what your son went to court for. he must have felt it was the thing to do pleading guilty,hopefully everything will turn out right. did he have a public defender offered?

    every kid on the planet thinks they more than thier parents!!!
  3. dzlady

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    Sorry, it was a long story and I was updating on a previous post where I did go into details about what he was charged with and what he did, etc. To read the details, search for my post "not having a very good day". It details all that took place, because as soon as I say what he was charged with....well, lets just say it doesnt sound good, but the charge, I feel, did not justify the actions. He's 18 years old (just turned 18 not a month ago) and was charged with Child Molestation in the 2nd degree, a class A misdemeanor.

    Like I said, find my previous post to read the details and yes, he had a public defender, but I dont see that he did a thing for my son. I could have done just as good a job as he did!!!
  4. 3gs

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    I do remember reading your post. Your son is between a rock and a hard place.

    Did the public defender suggest to him he plead guilty? are the people involved allowed to give statements when he goes back to court?

    anyway to contact ACLU?
  5. dzlady

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    I'm not sure if they will be allowed to give statements or not. The only reason they didnt sentence him yesterday was because they wanted to notify the victim, so I am guessing that they probably will.

    The public defender told him he could plead either way and that they could fight it, but there was that chance that my son could be convicted of a felony with 15 year prison sentence and he didnt want to take his chance. That's a long time, 15 years.

    I will check into the ACLU
  6. Rockismom

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    Has he been in touble in the past?
    Is there any chance he may opt for a "pre-trial deversion" even though he has made a plea? Can't he obtain assistance from a public defender?

    I'll try to find your initial post, maybe you have already answered these questions.

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