He will bear my every burden (Song "Gentle" by Michael McLean)

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    Like a gentle wind can blow
    The clouds from the sky,
    Like a gentle touch can ease
    The pain of good-bye,
    Like a gentle smile embraces
    Empty souls in lonely places,
    We should be more gentle
    with ourselves.

    Like the friend who gently
    Builds us up when we're down,
    Like a gentle kiss can turn
    Our world all around.
    We've been hurt by others often,
    We've forgiven and forgotten,
    We should be as gentle with ourselves.
    Life can be hard but we
    Need not be so hard on ourselves,
    If we will see...

    Like the Shepherd leads his flock
    With gentle commands,
    With his gentle voice that
    Only hearts understand,
    One thing we can know for certain,
    He has borne the awful burden
    So we can be gentle with ourselves.

    One thing that I know for certain:
    He will bear my every burden,
    So I can be gentle with myself

    By Michael McLean
    can be found on his CD "The Collection, Vol. 1)
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    This is sure a beautiful song Smiley face.Has a lot of meaning to make one think. Is this guy a Christian singer or what ?

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    Yes, he is a Christian singer. During Relief Society meeting after church one sunday, one of the women brought a copy of this song to distribute to everyone at the meeting. We listened to it on CD and it was absolutely beautiful. I am trying to find his CD, but no luck yet. If you find it let me know cause I sure want to buy one

    mysmileyface (always try to have a smile on your face :) )
    (My motto: "Look for the beauty in each day" try it, and you'll find that your outlook is alot better)
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    Thank You for sharing such a beautiful song with all of us.

    I have never heard Michael McLean before, But, I would love to hear this song.

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