Head and facial itchy sore spots

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Line, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Line

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    I started with like a pimply, itchy rash about two months ago. behind my ear, also sore pimples on my head which just feel like crusty lumps. In the last several weeks I am getting these things on my forhead and eyebrow, not covered with them, but they really itch on and off.I tried hydrocortisone cream with no help.

    I called my DR. she told me to use lotrimun which I did, it takes the behind the ear problem away but as soon as I stop using the lotrimun it comes back, did nothing for my forhead though. The pimples on my forehead feel like a hard crust at the tip, scratched some and it looks likes little pin holes in the center.I am also using a T-gel shampoo. I know it is some kind of dermitis and actually started with it about two weeks after going to pt.

    I did a search on the board but saw nothing about the facial pimple thing only the scalp.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hugs, Linda

    P.S. I got a tick bite this past sunday, it was not a deer tick but have been having anxiety about this. My Dr. said to watch for a rash, headaches and fever and than I would need ab"s she is not a pill pusher.
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    I had what you are describing, my dr. said they are infected hair follicles! Had to take a Zithromax course of abx.

    It helps me to control them when I use Scalpicin...a watery, greaseless hair drops, cheap at drugstore.

    Hope this helps...
    p.s. (edited to add): it helps get more answers if your posting title says the subject, i.e. Headsores??, anyone? LOL
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  3. JLH

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    One day I got the red pimply things on my scalp, which later turned in to the crusty patches .... just like a baby's cradle cap..... and it never went away. I never figured out why it just started one day, etc....

    The Dermatologist said it was scalp psorosis (? sp.)

    I also shampoo with T-gel as well as about 5 other types -- I have tried them all!

    The doc gave me 2 different types of medicine to use on my scalp -- both are liquid drops, steroids or something to help it.

    From what she told me, and what I read about scalp psoroisis, it is a lifetime affliction. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

    The patches on your skin may also be psorosis.

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