head injuries and cfs/fm

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    Hey I am just realising how much my past head traumas probably play into flare ups I get from even minor bumps, like hitting head on car door etc Things like that can send me into over a month flare up of headaches, more malaise, worse memory and mood changes.
    It gets worse as I get older, I had read recently there is a cumulative effect the more one has had concussions or head traumas in the past the easier it is to set off symptoms as one ages.

    What concerns me is that I dont know if its clear in my medical chart that I have head trauma history as I was younger and I think they chalk complaints up to the general malaise of fibro or cfs. Does anyone have experience with getting good help for this, ie getting an mri and then direction for treatment? I can't find any great solutions on line what to do about it other than rest and ice intiially. To make it more complicated for care I have extreme mcs which could tie into the head trauma I suppose to.
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    Have you seen a neurologist? I would ask your dr. for a
    referral so they can sort this out for you.

    An MRI would be valuable, I think. it would show if there
    are any problems that might be addressed.

    I do think continuous or sequential head bumps and/or
    concussions could have an impact on your problems. Also,
    it is known now that FM is neurological and there's an
    on/off switch of some sort that turns on, but can't turn off
    in FM. That would surely complicate matters I feel, in
    a patient with multiple head traumas.

    I hope you find the help you need.

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    thanks skeptik
    I will look into that, I did see neurosurgeon about neck stuff but last time was like 7 years ago....I have found once the dx cfs/fm in chart I can't get fair assessments for other stuff anymore easily
    I dont know if my primary doc would be willing to refer and I dont know if I can deal with their prejudices against fibro cfs patients.......want to think of how to get past that, how to negotiate system