Head Injury and Chronic Fatigue

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    I suffered a head injury 5 years ago and have struggled with terrible fatigue and some depression since then. I was on antidepressants and Ritalin which didn't really help me. I am now trying the alternative health route. I went to a naturalpathic doctor in Quakertown, PA, am getting an ASI test done and taking some supplements for my adrenals. I don't know if this is what is contributing to my fatigue but thought I'd try because the traditional method of antidepressants hasn't helped and I really want to get better and have that feeling of enjoying life again and be well enough to work (I am on SSDI. I am grateful for it but it also breaks my heart because I loved my job and wish I could have that same energy to live a normal life.) Is there anyone else who knows anything about whether it is possible to have a head injury and develop adrenal problems from that? I am really hoping this will be the way to go since the traditional route has not helped that much. I was told that my brain injury causes fatigue and there's not much one can do but take naps during the day and sleep a lot at night. It's been 5 years of no progress and it's very discouraging.
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    A resource that may be helpful is the Brain Injury Association of America www.blausa.org and their toll free number from within the USA is 1-800-444-6443. If you contact them, you might want to also ask them if they have any free monthly magazine that you could subscribe to as the info would probably be helpful. Also, the Association above is a safe organization and a safe site and I obtained it from the magazine "Neurology Now."

    Another resource is the local disabled support groups, and I belong to the one near us. They have people with head/brain injuries that attend, and have speakers of many types. Our group has talked about head/brain injuries and many things that can occur as a result of the injury, and that includes cognitive functions and much more. So that is another place where you could get information and meet people with some similar situation like yourself

    I wish you luck in your search. Hugs.
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