Head injury and FM cognitive problems similar

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bratnut, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. Bratnut

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    Hi all,

    I was reading about the 'dyslexia' thread and have a thought to share. Two years prior to FM diagnosis I incurred a head injury along with many other injuries. Part of the problem with figuring out that I had trauma induced FM was that the cognitive problems from the head injury are almost the same as the 'fibro-fog'! Spaciness, number problems, letter reversal, short-term memory, etc. It sort of moved from one condition to another without my being aware of it. Doctors were puzzled and frustrated that I was continueing to experience the types of cognitive problems that I was when much of the head injury should have been healed!

    Considering the relatively sudden onset of symptoms with head injury vs fibromyalgia it's no wonder that everyone here is so frustrated. At least with head injury there is a cause and effect event. The symptoms are absolutely maddening, but luckily not fatal and mostly manageable with some effort and lots of consistency. You might try looking at functional treatment for head injury patients such as day planners, pneumonic devices etc. I had my family call before relatively important events to remind me and insure that I would get where I needed to be. Excessive tiredness is a symptom of head injury and I slept through a lot of stuff! Also, proof-read! I can't emphasize that one enough. Saves a lot of embarrasing moments :-}. Once you've proof-read something. Do it again. You can even laugh at yourself sometimes.

    Good luck and chin up!

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    It's interesting that many with FM have had head injuries. I've had clients with head injuries and now understand what they go through. No matter how much I improve, when I get tired, the old cognitive problems kick in. Without a Daytimer, I'm dead in the water. I still go out and get lost even though I know where everything is. At least now, with the Klonopin, I don't panic when this happens :)

    Love, Mikie
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    I have a Day Planner. But I always forget to look at it.....

  4. Mikie

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    Forget to look at what?

    Love, Mikie :)
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    Cute guys! remember what? Hah! ..and thanks for the replies. Annette, I'll look that person up. Also, day planners are great..IF!.. you leave them where you can see them otherwise they are just a space filler. I learned that the hard way. I never remember to look in mine if it is out of sight. Another good trick is sticky notes on the bathroom mirror. I swear I would never have remembered to pick up my daughters if it weren't for those things during the early stages of head injury. Everyone has to "go" now and again so you normally run into the note, but then again you have to remember to write them immediately or the thought is gone...alas..(befuddled sigh :) ).

    Mikie, the getting lost and panicking is not fun, but I've done that much more than once. It was scariest before I knew why. Now, it's just frustrating and humorous when I've just driven past my exit and am headed for Mexico before I come out of the 'fog'. On the other hand...Mexico sounds good right now :).

    Acceptance of what is has been the hardest part. Still is, but using coping techniques helps for positive results and an increase in moral most of the time.