Head or neck injuries ??????

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  1. lindasue

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    Hi everyone,
    Just a little survey....how many of us have had a head or neck injury/surgery, and how many have noticed this DD kicking in after the injury, surgery. I for one had surgery for a ruptured disc in my neck in 1987. I'm not saying that it is the reason for what I am going through now.....I feel like I have had some of this going on since I was a child.....But I think the injury/surgery may have brought it to the "surface".
    What do you think,
    God's blessings,
    Linda Sue
  2. lindasue

    lindasue New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Just a little survey....how many of us have had a head or neck injury/surgery, and how many have noticed this DD kicking in after the injury, surgery. I for one had surgery for a ruptured disc in my neck in 1987. I'm not saying that it is the reason for what I am going through now.....I feel like I have had some of this going on since I was a child.....But I think the injury/surgery may have brought it to the "surface".
    What do you think,
    God's blessings,
    Linda Sue
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    Gary had surgery on C-4,5,6 a year ago July. What I call rotor rootering and fusion. Me I cracked my 4th vertabry at 17 and fell from the top of a jungle gym on my head onto black top a few years earlier. I also had whip lash 2x's.

    Yes, we have found it takes longer to recope after surgeries and the more major it is the worse it has been and longer to get up and running. I am a pusher and was an athlet so we were alwas tought to push through the pain, But, darn, it is easy to say and so hard to do anynore. But, I do.

    Hope this helps some and take care, Kim and Gary
  4. Wingingit

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    I think there is a direct connection between neck trauma and this DD!
    I believe I have had something brewing for years, as I was always very fatigued, had IBS, and often had dizzy spells at work...blamed it on stress.
    I didn't develope the painful part of the DD until I went to a physotherapist for treatment of a frozen shoulder and nerve injury to my long thoraic nerve. I foolishly allowed him to do what he called a "1st rib adjustment" on my neck.
    I have had chronic neck pain since that day and the FMS "tender points" started up shortly thereafter.
    It's too much of a co-incidence for me not to believe the physio was the cause; or at least "brought it to the surface" as you put it.
    I have read several documents by medical professionals on the Internet connecting "whiplash" and other neck trauma to FMS. I casually searched "neck injury and Fibromyalgia" as was amazed at the number of links that popped up!
    I'll be surprised if there aren't many others who have found this connection.
  5. Dara

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    I was involved in three car accidents as a teenager, a long long time ago, and received a whiplash from all three. I will have to check out the material linking the two together.

  6. diggity

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    I don't know if it is connected or not, never thought about it, but yes, I did have an injury about 12-13 years ago. I fell head first from a 7 foot tall monkey bar. I landed on my head and right shoulder. Broke my arm, injured ribs, knee, back, etc. etc. Was taken to the ER by ambulance, but the injury was not taken as seriously as it should have been. They seemed to focus more on the broken arm than anything. I've never thought of a connection between this incident and my FMS diagnosis, but it is interesting to hear that others have had similar experiences.
  7. pamelasng

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    Hi Linda Sue, I have had FM since a work injury to my neck,I later had two bone grafts in that area. I think there is a link somehow. Pam.
  8. klutzo

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    Severe head injury and injury to C-6 and C-7 of the cervical spine, followed by whiplash 3 months later, and by FMS 13 months later. Doc told me it can take up to 24 months for the results of a head injury to show themselves.
  9. Milo83

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    Was diagnosed with Fibro about 10yrs ago, maybe 8, who can remember anymore...LOL..
    Anyway, I have constant pain, but I don't think I have it like a lot of you do..But back in March of this year, I was involved in a car accident - car being parked and some jerk came along and rear-ended us pretty hard..Got whiplash and since then my Fibro is a lot worse than it used to be..
    Was also hit from behind twice before, but it never dawned on me, that it could have let up to the fibro..
    But I personally think injuries can lead to fibro..I sure know it will aggrivate symptoms if you already have it..
    Take Care........Donna
  10. blondieangel

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    I am now disabled from FM/CMP/CF after being rear-ended and suffering neck/back injury and soft tissue damage to the left side of my body.

    I have been claiming for quite some time now that FM is related to neck/back trauma. The spinal column leads to the brain, so I think any spinal trauma can cause brain signals to become altered.

    At the recent L.A. FM conferance, a researcher stated that a person can now be tested for FM even when they're symptom free, by doing a spinal tap and checking for levels of substance P. The claim is that FM is genetic. I believe symptoms appear after trauma/stress. SO many FM patients I have asked had a neck/back injury. I'd say the majority did.

    I was told as a baby I had horrible ear infections (don't know if that means anything).My mother noticed I walked pigeon-toed so I wore corrective shoes for that and I also was flat footed. I am still knock-knee'd and walk w/ my feet pointed out. I have a swayback and had backaches as a teenager when walking long distances. (I have many predisposing factors in Devin's book)

    I had tension headaches in 4th grade and was labeled a hypochondriac by kids at school. At home my parents were fighting and drinking. I hated math, and that's when the headache got bad. I also remember being afraid to eat because my stomache would hurt afterwards. My mother would claim, when I was a teenager, that I was trying to get out of doing the dishes, because I always went straight to the bathroom after dinner.

    Around age 20/21 I went to a chiro/healer for headaches, (at the time I was a waitress and had to wear 2 inch pumps), who told me my adrenal glands weren't working properly. Gave me vitamins w/ adrenal and spleen tissue concentrate. He said I was using up all my adrenelin for energy. The vitamins helped. Also told me about how carrying a tray was an unnatural position. I remember getting out of bed in the morning and almost falling, my feet hurt so bad.

    I remember as a teenager/early 20's I hated to get a headache because it would last for weeks to a month. A priest even blessed me while I was working at the YMCA at age 17-18 (which did nothing) to relieve the headaches! At 18 I started getting trembling attacks and was given the glucose tolerance test - I had hypoglycemia. Later I had a benign lump removed from my breast. In my early/mid to late 20's I started to feel the effects of CFS and went through the usual BS (doc's, etc)Over the years I tried changing jobs to see if that would help the exhaustion, went to, and dropped out of, manicure school. Finally went on State Disability for a year at age 28. Then at 31 I was hospitalized w/ Crohn's disease after years of symptoms. After a back/neck injury in '96 I went to my chiro for years - I had MPS but did not know it. They always told me I was different and that they had never seen a patient like me. Urged me to see an endo. for hormonal imbalances. Also noted I did not make many appts. in the summer.

    I also now have a large uturine fibroid which was discovered after the accident 2/28/00 - my first pregnancy after trying for 9 years. Lost the baby six weeks later.

    So, I truely beleive it is genetic, and brought on by injury or stress. I have no idea what brought on the exhaustion in my 20's, just remember waking up and that my toothbrush felt like it weighed a ton! I remember talking about it to co-workers - this was when CFS/Ebstein-Barr hit the news. I remember having sharp pain in my abdomin and seeing many doctors and no cause was ever found.

    Through all of this I was physically fit and active as much as I could be at the given time.

    Now I am completely disabled. This last car accident seems to be the "straw that broke tha camel's back", so to speak!

  11. Copper2002

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    neck injury for me, too, at work. Followed a year later by a lower back injury, also at work. I seveloped 1st FMS symptoms following the neck injury, though.

    There is truth in this theory, too. I found info about this when researching an article I wrote a few years back. Here's an excerpt:

    "Research completed in 1999 and, so far, in 2000, has discovered reduced levels of serotonin, elevated levels of Substance P (a neuropeptide), and abnormal anti-nociceptive (pain stimulus) peptides in the cerebral spinal fluid [Goldenburg; White; Smith; Roderick]. Nearly a quarter of patients studied with cervical spine injuries developed FMS, while a much smaller number developed this following a leg injury [White]."

    Let Miracles Replace all Grievances
  12. klutzo

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    An Israeli study of thousands of folks who were injured in car accidents, showed a connection between FMS and only one type of injury....the neck. A full 22.6% of people who had a neck injury later got FMS. No wonder it's so common. But, this doesn't explain why so many more women get it than men. No bad women driver jokes, please guys!
  13. blondieangel

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    Re: dif. in men & women: hormonal imbalanceshave an effect
  14. kaymac

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    Yes, I had car wreck 18 yrs ago and then within 1 yr, I suffered a case of encephalitis (not sure if that relates). But yrs later I went to a "specific" chiro and he said my x-rays showed a straight neck instead of a naturally curved one, which could be from the wreck??

  15. lindasue

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    Thank you, thank you!!
    I can't believe the number of you that have written back and have had neck injuries. I'm sorry for ALL of your hurts and pain! My heart & love goes out to EACH & EVERYONE of you. And I must remember to love myself as well.
    We just have to remember that we ALL are ohhh sooo very special and stick together in this! As I've said before, we may loose a few battles with this DD...However, WE'LL win the WAR!!!
    I'm going to get in touch with someone here at the "Pasadena Star News" in Southern California and try to convience them do a series in the paper (possibably over a few weeks) on EBV/CFIDS/FMS, because I JUST DON'T think enough people know about this. Or even know that this is WHAT they have, and I believe too many people say that it is just an, 1. emotional problem 2. laziness 3. that we are WEAK 4. we want attention 5. WE ARE HYPOCHONDRIAC'S 6. unreliable and so on and so forth....you know the idea's a lot of people have. I know that there have been article's and even some television media coverage on this..BUT DANGIT, I want more research and attention given! And I'm going to what I can to help. If you have anymore ideas email me at dlindasue1@aol.com.
  16. Anita B.

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    My FM symptoms were brought on by chiropractic manipulation of my neck. I did not have either CFS or FM when I went to him. Within two hours of seeing him, I had developed pain in all my muscles and joints that never went away. With each successive treatment, I just got worse, until I finally broke away from him, but it was too late. The reason I kept going to him was that he told me that if I didn't follow through with his course of treatments, I would never get better. I later learned that this is a standard line that some chiropractors are taught to use on patients to keep them coming back for treatment. I was in my very early 20s at the time I saw that chiropractor, and had not yet learned the lessons that, I hope, would keep me from repeating such an experience.
  17. roro

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    I got sick after a neck injury from a car accident.
  18. lindasue

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    Im so sorry about what happened to you...
    We do what we think might help and sometimes it just makes things worse.
    Warm hugs,
  19. lindasue

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    You know, some of us really pay when we have had some kind of trauma, both physical and EMOTIONAL!! I'm sorry that you are having to suffer.
    A soft hug to you.
  20. Kathryn

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    I was involved in the first of a series of traffic accidents at work in 1989. I used to be a city bus driver, and those tiny 40 foot buses are very hard for the average motorist to see. Especially when they are in a "Bus Only" traffic lane. After my first accident, I just did not heal and my dr at the time diagnosed fibrositis. I progressed to the point where I was having more good days than bad ones, despite several more accidents. My last one occured in February, 1999, and I have been in near constant pain ever since. My physical therapist keeps trying to free up C 1 & 2, but it seldom lasts very long. She is surprised I managed to work as long as I did. Prior to the 1989 wreck, I had a horse in training for endurance racing and lifted weights and ran 5 miles 3 times a week to keep in shape for the Navy Reserve. Most doctors told me I would not have been injured had I been in good physical condition. ??? I actually had one doctor tell me that if I quit smoking and turned in my guns, my shoulder would quit hurting. I had his office transfer my records to the doctor I am seeing now that same day. This boy admits he doesn't know much about FMS, but he is willing to learn, and I am trying to educate him. I do suspect that part of his willingness might have stemmed from his starting to inject me with a drug I am allergic to. Boy, did he ever yard that needle out of me in a hurry!