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  1. monicaz49

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    my head often hurts not a headache but like a horrible pressure on top. Like my brain is trying to break out of my head lol. Like there's no room. I just close my eyes when it gets severe...it lasts for hours, sometimes days and always comes back. Its scary, kinda like a concussion feeling.
    Does anyone else get this??? I dont know why. Also effects my balance issue which is already bad.
  2. jole

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    No, but will bump this for you~~~
  3. desertlass

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    I feel like my brain is swelling from the inside against my skull, and the very crown of my head is where the pain is concentrated. I wish we knew what is causing the feeling, but my osteopath says her fibro patients tell her about odd head feelings/ atypical headaces, and they always mention how the top of their head hurts. So, at least it's not just us. I get this all the time, along with ringing in the ears, and some mild vertigo. I can only lie flat when this happens, and it hurts to move my eyes. It's getting so the eyeballs themselves don't want to move either. It is scary-- I might know how you feel.

    Do you get any other kind of actual swelling in your face or hands, etc.? I'm trying to solve this particular symptom, beause it's getting worse and spreading all over, and my labs show "normal" of course. Obviously, I can't rely on those for information. So, here I am-- like Diogenes.

    I also have gained weight regardless of how little I eat, and I get a strange oiliness/sticky fluid that seems to build up around my eyes, neck, etc. when this swelling happens. I used to be too skinny. Now I look round-faced. I went from underweight to overweight in one year. But all I ever hear is normal, normal, normal. Ugh.

    I need to post a new thread on this swelling topic. It's come up before, but maybe more people will respond each time?

  4. monicaz49

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    thx jole. :)

    Hmm...i dont necessarily have swelling anywhere else. The pressure sensation makes me irritable and feel weird when i walk.

    My cousin has fibro and has some weird facial pressure if that helps u. She describes it as pressure pushing outward from insider her face. She also says it gets very numb and she cant feel it.
  5. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    The pressure feeling, swelling, numbness, etc. might all be varying degrees on the same issue. I have both cfs and fms, so it is a real mixed bag of symptoms.

    I hope more people respond to your post.
  6. Crystal

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    I've had this on and off for years. Had it once for 6 months...thought for sure I was gonna die! My doctor say's it's tension headaches. It is mainly on the top of my head..doesn't necessarily hurt..but is really tight...I get dizzy and lightheaded also. What helps me the most is a scalp massage....it makes it feel better but it doesn't go away. Hope this helps.
  7. stressed_out

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    Think god, i thought i was the only one feeling that away.i have a lot of eye pressure,head pressure,face pressure.I feel like i'm going to die.now it's in my feet and hands. I wish i new what it is.it is a very scary feeling.GOD BLESS
  8. Kellyslaw

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    I get headaches/pressure that feel like I have a helmet on that is 2 sizes too small. I also have pain on the top of my head. The pressure is intense. I also have dizzy spells, and when they "come on" I have pressure in my face and head. I told my dr but she did not think it was a big deal for FM. I have had swelling under my eyes for the last 3 months and I don't know why. I also feel very unsteady when I walk when the symptoms are bad. Almost all of my symptoms seem to be attributed to FM?????

    Oh yeah, I had sinus surgery and a rhinoplasty on November 17, so I know it is not sinus issues.

    I hope this helps.

    Hugs, Kelly
  9. sues1

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    I feel it right now and is always there, just worse at times.
    I am short and people like to put their hand flat on top of my head. I start to black out, or so it seems. Vision gets blurry, legs and all turns to rubber and I am so dizzy. They stop when I yell. I do not know if I would pass out but I know I would end up on the floor.

  10. Monica just make sure its not high blood pressure, that could be a symptom.
  11. Densgirl

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    I have had that brain breaking through my skull feeling in various degrees every day for the last 2 years. I also have pressure and tingling and burning sensations of the nerves in my face (mainly around eyes, nose and mouth). I've been to various neurologists and pain clinic. Right now I am on 60 mgs Cymbalta and 200 Lyrica and it helps a bit, but the bad days are real bad and I just want to stick my head into my pillow in bed all day, but alas I have to work. You are not alone.

  12. cj368

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    It feels like my head will explode. I often thought it was how someone who's blood pressure was really high would feel like, I've had my blood pressure checked while having this feeling. It's horrible. It's hard to think or focus and it makes me irritated. I hope our heads settle down.