Head pressure/tension, heart racing anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 4isfamily, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. 4isfamily

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    I have noticed that when I lay down in the evening to go to bed, I get enormous pressure in my head. And strong pulse which I can feel in my temple, cheeks, next to nose. Last night, I felt as if I 10 cups of coffee, which I did not (no coffee yesterday or coffee drinks), could not fall asleep until 2 a.m., my heart was racing at over 100 puls in a minute. I tried relaxation techniques, thinking that perhaps it's anxiety/stress related, but it did not help. I know what panic attac is and this was not a panic attack. I used to have them like 15 years ago and learned how to deal with them. Went at work this morning to measure my blood pressure 100/75, I never have high pressure.

    I am puzzled what it could be. I actually continue having some kind of headache throughout the day. Perhaps it's linked to the huge winter storm we are getting here on the East coast. I do not take any medication. Only SAM-e, but no side effects of this could explain the above. I actually recall I had the above symptomps last summer even before I knew I had FM.

    Thanks for any suggestions...

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    I would get it checked out with Doctor. How long has this been going on? Also look up Postural Orthostatic Tachachardia (POTS) some of the symptoms sound like those of POTS. There have several posts lately regarding heart racing, try to find them. I am sooo tired tonight hope this helps a bit. But I would definately get it checked out, even if it turns out not to be real serious!

  3. TinaJones

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    This is EXACTLY what I have and I've been diagnosed with POTS. When I lay down on the floor (to read to the kids, etc) - it feels like I'm going into a dark hole. Intense pressure in my head, etc. It disappears within a couple of minutes - but, wow, it is intense when I first lay down.

    This combined with the fact that I have severe inappropriate sinus tachycardia (and a host of other symptoms)has led to a diagnosis of POTS. I'm on heart meds but they are still not completely working.

    I would encourage you to talk to you doc about POTS; and maybe talk to him about wearing a holter monitor to measure your heart rate and such.

    It's weird - I've never seen someone mention this exact symptom on here (intense pressure when laying down). This is one of my main symptoms I've been complaining to my doctor about. Let us know what you find out.. But definitely mention POTS to your doctor.

    Good luck! --Tina

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