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    Hey I have been getting a streak of this one sort of nasty headache I started getting in last couple years, head feels like increased pressure when it happens and just want to pull my hair out, its a bit of a show stopper. Lately with it I feel like my arms seem sort of involved, like swollen (they dont look different from what I can tell) and I was wondering if any of you out there have experienced that or know wht it might mean to have arms seem to be involved in something going on with head.
    Dr Cheney has one possible explanation for the head and neck pain that its part of the o2 toxicity, causes swelling sometimes. I am wondering if it could somehow transfer to arms too then, my arms seem to have less reach than normal while this is going on. I used to ascribe all this sort of stuff to my neck problems, stenosis and djd but Cheney's idea that people with chiari or neck issues who have CFS may really be having the chiari and neck stuff get symptomatic when the cfs and o2 issue flares, makes sense they could play off eachother like that. An odd thing too is it seems when I have tried antivirals or the artesunate and antioxidants and even colloidal silver it makes it worse. NOt sure what thats about either, but I dont like it, it seems risky, the amount of pressure as a couple times caused alittle bit of red vessels in eyes and something about being horizontal makes the pressure worse, which is problematic cus thats my favored position with cfs. I dont get why potentially healing supps/meds worsen it, well I sort of understand that antioxidants could perhaps have undesired effect on o2 in cfs people but would antivirals or antibiotics do that too?
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    Do you use a cell phone or cordless phone? Your headaches, pressure, swelling may be an offshoot of...

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