headaches after eating?

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  1. Chilene

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    argh... if it's not one thing...

    i've had this on and off for years now... it is awful!... (sorry if you've read me post this before!)

    i'll be feeling fine until i eat... i really don't think it's food allergies, because it can happen with almost anything i eat...(but not positive)... but once it happens after one meal... it can happen for days on end... and then it stops... for months!...

    the pattern is: i eat... i get REALLY tired...like nearly passed-out tired... can't think or process... then my head starts hurting... then i get dizzy... i have to belch alot (which does relieve the headache for a second)... but then the headache turns horrid migraine-like... sound, light, everything bothers me... i can't even talk to anyone...

    but! around an hour or more later... (as the food is digested)... i feel almost "normal" again!...

    i have considered everything from my blood pressure plummeting to digest the food (and in turn causing the headache) to TMJ (i also get these facial tremors when it happens, but those also subside an hour or so later)... also, it seems worse sitting down.... and in cold...

    anyone relate?...

    it's the worst problem i have... makes me not want to eat!
  2. joyfully

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    If you live within driving distance of a medical school that holds clinics or sees patients, I strongly urge you to go there.

    I just checked your profile. There are some really good hospitals in Chicago. Lyola is one of them. You need a medical facility that can route you through different departments as they rule out possible diagnosis.

    Something really weird is going on.

    I have TMJ and used to get migraines from them. However, the migraines last alot longer than an hour and I would not get an upset stomach from TMJ.

    What you have is unusual, so you need to go to a place that sees "the unusual". Mayos, cleveland clinic, Lyola, etc.
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  3. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    this migraine is subsiding some tonight... but not getting much better (then again, i ate a bit more...)...

    pretty much these headaches will be more on than off for days, weeks, months... i only notice that they are a tad less bad when i haven't eaten (in the morning i might feel ok before eating)...

    i forgot to mention (maybe a big thing) that i also have herniated discs in my neck where the headache pain seems to stem from... but why would eating make it worse? maybe it is tmj...

    thanks, joyfully for your thoughts... doctors i've mentioned this to have never been able to make sense of it... i guess i could just keep going to more... (ick!!!)..

    thanks much!

  4. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    hi. I noticed that I forgot the word "not" about upset stomach and TMJ. I should proofread.

    I still think you need to go to a larger teaching facility where the doctors confer/consult with each other.

    Otherwise, you are just starting from the beginning every time you choose another doctor.

    Something else, if you eat something that requires little or no chewing, do you get the same reaction? [This Message was Edited on 11/16/2006]
  5. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    oh, thanks for the correction! makes a differnce.

    i have been going to the same doctor on and off for years... she's a great doc (won a 'top doctors in chicago') award... and is incredible... to the point that she can be regarding fibro/cfs, etc...

    but you are right... i should check out a teaching facility... in addition. i'll do some more research. what i would really like would be an alternative/wholistic doctor that was also a great internist/md... that ALSO took my state insurance!

    i will pay more attention to food that doesn't have to be chewed and see if i have the problem. i'm pretty sure i do (i think it's happened after smoothies!!!!)... so that might rule out tmj... my vagus nerve (from neck to stomach) might also be involved... considering it's hypersensitive due to my herniated neck discs...

    thanks, joyfully!

    have a nice weekend;)
  6. eccentric-eric

    eccentric-eric New Member

    Sounds like hypoglycemia. I have it and the hungrier i get before eating, the more tired and worse the headaches get after eating. because when you get hungry your blood suger drops then pigging out on a big meal or a very sweet snack then the blood sugar skyrockets and you feel tired, moody grouchy and even headaches within the 1st 5-10 mins after eating. The further the blood sugar goes down, the greater it goes up once its reversed. untill it levels out 20mins after eating.
  7. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    I have hypoglycemia. My symptoms don't include paralysis and migraines.

    Headaches, yes. Feeling spacey, yes. Food hunger awhile after eating,yes. Feeling sleepy after eating, yes. But no migraines and paralysis.

    You have something very unusual going on. Part of me wants to say that you have some very whacky food allergies. I'm not a doctor, and I don't think that an average doctor will know. That is why I think you need a teaching medical school that sees the "unusual" every day.

    I think it is an excellent idea to keep a diary. What you ate, how long before symptome occur afterwards, how long the symptoms last, what symptoms are you having, is there a difference in symptoms with different foods, do you react the same whether you have eaten a liquid diet versus a meal that requires a great deal of chewing, etc.

    See if there is some kind of pattern that develops from your log.
  8. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    nice to 'meet' you!

    i've actually even had problems taking enzymes....(probably some allergy!!! true!). but they have helped my stomach at the same time. i will try those again. and the other other thing (hyrdrochloric)... as well...

    will try the health journal as well.

    belching like crazy. and the ibuprofin that helps the head makes me stuffed up and worsens the stomach!... but the head is so bad... i take half an ibuprofin anyway; (sometimes that helps... more will give me a full-blown allergy attack).

    hugs to you in ohio!

    ;) helene
  9. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    hypoglycemia is an idea (i did have it for sure in high school)... but i'm not sure this is it... but won't rule it out...

    trapped air is another thought as the belching happens most when i go from sitting to standing... and then i feel a tad better for a second... my doc awhile back did want me to see a specialist to rule out colitis(?) or such.

    by the way-- today i got the headache after drinking a fruit smoothie! (and no frozen fruit.. )...

    in FACT... the belching is going nuts even when i drink water! i read once that swallowing air causes belching... but i drink water out of a bottle other times and this doesn't happen (when the headache cycle is not happening)... i'm back to wondering if this has to do with my hypersensitive vagus nerve (neck to stomach)... since i'm reacting every time something goes down! ever since i've had the herniated discs at c-5 to c-7... and constant hypersensitivity in the neck... although at the moment the tension/pain/tremors seem to be worst around my eyes, nose, jaw...

    heck, it could be sinus trouble, too! mine are terrible(but why would it be worse after eating, then?). ... oh, i'm just thinking out loud! i must sound totally neurotic;)... but i'm just trying to think of everything...

    i think the journaling can't hurt! though i've studied this pattern before and nothing helped/no discoveries... it was only better with time... but i'll keep notes, anyhow!

    fibro hugs to all of you!
    ;) helene
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