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    Is there anyone who has had headaches mainly at night that also seem to accompany earaches. My granddaughter, who I believe has CFS as I do, is 10 years old and recently has severe headaches that aren't relived by painkillers. They seem to be across her forehead from temple to temple. She seems to most of the time get them when she lays down to go to sleep. She has had MRI and CAT scans that have come up clear. The way she is discribing them sounds like a possible nerve type pain, sharp and stabbing and can go on for hours. Nausea seems to be present at times also . It seems she can get some relief if she is up and moving around e.g. goes for a walk or ride on her bike.

    If there is anyone who suffers the same and/or may be able to give some insight it will be very much appreciated.
  2. those headaches you describe..from temple to temple and across the forehead...sounds like they might be related to stress..
    i dont get bedtime headaches,but i did have that type of headache while i was looking after my mum,for many months.mum had senile dementia.so id say they could be stress headaches.go lay in bed with a cold wet face flannel on the forehead,it will make the pain go away,hopefully.

    other than that,it might be due to a build up of ear wax.check her ears to see if they are blocked.

    kind regards

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    Hi Fran

    Thankyou kindly for taking the time to reply. Yes, stress is something that is being considered. There does appear to be a pattern to these headaches ie when laying down to go to sleep at night. The pain has been at times so severe that she has been to the hospital on several occasions and has had consultations with two specialists with the matter being unresolved.

    I don't belive there is a blockage of wax in the ears as I think this would have shown in the MRI and/or CAT scans and on examination by the specialists.

    Kind Regards
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    Please have her steer clear of MSG and artificial sweeteners (aspartame). Those brain poisons are in just about everything.
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    Do these headaches awake her from sleep or as soon as she puts her head down on the pillow? How often?

    I have been awaken from severe headaches. I find that if I have bad dreams (due to stress or high activity during the day) I will have them. I then cannot put my head down on the pillow again for the rest of the night and have to be upright. I get the pain in the temple but it's more like a Fibromyalgia pain. It's different from a migraine which I also get.

    Also, is her pillow from feathers (down)? I cannot sleep with a down pillow or comforter or I will get headaches.

    Does she chew gum with artificial sweeteners like splenda, etc? That can give bad headaches for me as well as a stomach ache.

    Does she drink a lot of soda with caffine? Another trigger for some.

    Wishing the best to your grand daughter.
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    Hi Erik

    Thankyou so much for your reply.

    I have suspected mold and dust mites in her room. She had slept at another house and still had the headaches but when she stayed with me no headaches. I prepare for her coming and wash every thing in hot water clean the wooden floors, window sills and sun the mattress.

    I would like to know what you think about why she can eventually go to bed to sleep after the headache has gone (back to exposure to molds, if that is the culprit)and why she doesn't get it every night she sleeps in the same room if it be a mold problem. Is this what happens with mold allergies and if so do you know why.

    She has been tested and she is hyperallergenic and has tested positive among many things for mols and dustmites.

    Hope you can help.

    Kindest Regsrds
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    Thanks for responding to me and thanks to everyone else as well. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of you all and everything is being considered.

    The headaches mostly start when her head hits the pillow.
    She has been having bad dreams lately I have been told.
    The pain sounds to me like a nerve type pain.
    I will check about the gum.
    I don't know how much soda she has at home.

    I am told by her mother that she isn't having anything different to what she normally has which includes food that her allergy tests had shown her to be allergic to. It appears that it's easier for her mother not to deal with the allergies by putting no credence in the results from the test. I was the one that had her tested. Maybe the headaches are just another way her body is screaming out against the allergens she is continually being exposed to.

    Kind Regards
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    Hi! EricMoldWarrior

    Thankyou so much for that information. I can't wait to talk to her mother about it and try to get her to do the tests and consider what you and the site you recommended have said.

    I will also do the test myself to see if this is the root cause or a contributing factor to my condition

    From your experience though or of course any knowledge you have acquired as it is obvious you a very knowledgeable can you please tell me what you think about why my granddaughter can eventually go to bed to sleep after the headache has gone (back to exposure to molds, if that is the culprit)and why she doesn't get it every night she sleeps in the same room if it be a mold problem. Is this what happens with a eneurotoxic response to mold exposure and if so do you know why?

    Also have you had treatment and if so have you been cured?

    Hopeing you have some insight into this.

    Kindest Regards


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