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    I have been having horrible headaches the last couple of months and it's wearing me out. It used to just happen during PMS/period time, but lately it's everyday. I am perimenopausal, irregular cycles, so maybe it's hormones. I need to make an appt w a new GYN.

    I have also noticed when I crash/flare, I almost always have a migraine type headache too. I have to stay out of the bright light, noise, etc, feel nauseaous, ... for a few days!

    Since I am no longer taking narcotics, all I take is aceto, ibuprofen, caffeine, aspirin...none of these seem to help. Does anyone have any other suggestions for relieving these constant headaches?

    I'm going to bring it up at my next dr appt, but it's always been a bit of a problem for me w no answers. I was told in the past that they were tension headaches (after having many tests, MRIs etc). I do indeed have a huge amt of daily stress, but can never seem to deal w it very well. I hate living like this, it's ALWAYS something!!!

    Thanks and Love to all...

  2. karynwolfe

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    I've been seeing a lot about how curcumin helps pain, perhaps give it a try?

  3. hermitlady

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    I'll try anything within reason!

    I appreciate your support Jam and Karyn:)
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  4. u&iraok

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    Low estrogen can cause headaches. I am perimenopausal too. I used to have bad PMS which I was able to fix only to hit the perimenopausal stage and have to deal with that.

    One option is bioidentical hormones which a doctor can give you after he asseses what you need. Another help is herbs. I've been doing well with Vitex Chasteberry, Dong Quai, Black Cohosh but only using it when I need it. Sometimes I'll use natural progesterone cream but I try to use that only occasionally since it stores in your fat cells and can disrupt other hormones and hormone balances are VERY delicate.

    Also, most importantly: once I fixed my endocrine problems, my hormone problems greatly improved.
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