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  1. sallys

    sallys New Member

    How many of you get chronic frequent headaches and migraines? which do not respond to painkillers or prophylactic migraine meds.
  2. usanagirl

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    Painkillers were only covering up the underlying cause. I was introduced to magnesium supplements (600mg per day) and they have stopped.

    Hope you get relief soon,
  3. kjfms

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    helped me in the past and I have started it again.

    I get several migraines a week. I used to get them daily for several years and Topamax was a life saver for me.

    I am not saying it works for everyone just that it might be worth looking in to.

    Good luck in finding relief,

  4. mahx

    mahx New Member

    I get both migraines and frequent headaches...no they are not the same. ( Incase anyone wondered )
    For the migraines I give myself shots of imitrex at home. Other than ER meds,it is only thing that has helped. For reg headaches, which I get daily, I use Excedrin migraine, head on, and pain patches.
    Sometimes helps, soometimes not. Massage,rest...etc. Also, increasing water intake, and reducing ALL caffeine.....wil help with headaches...and overall health.

    I guess i should ask, if you have been dx with migraines? Its good to get eye exam etc...just to make sure .

    Good luck, I started getting migraines at age 5, now 36...I feel for you hon.

  5. sallys

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    yes, i have been diagnosed with migraines and u r right the daily chronic headaches are different.

    so is this a symptom of fibro experienced by many or are the migraines/headaches a seperate issue?

    I've got the trigger points and pain all thrugh my back neck arms legs etc so my conclusion the knots are squeezing my nerves so bad it causes my head to hurt at varying degrees - which wuld explain the daily cos my trigger points are daily

  6. lenasvn

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    that migraines are often one of the symptoms in FM. I have them too, just made a post about it by the way. I had mine since age 3, but they changed character after the birth of my second son.

    That's also when my FM started to stop me in my tracks much more than before.

    I guess saying migraine is a pain in the behind is incorrect,,,LOL!
  7. mainerose

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    i have them more than not. they have me on IMITREX now. the other stuff did not work. some times theIMITREX don't work either.
    yesterday the doc. told me that i ahve swelling at the octiballe nerve and musscles in my neck. ( i think i got it wright. the spelling) if your head ahes are real bad you can go to the er they can do some real good things there for headaches.hope you have a great weekend