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    I really need some advice and support from others who get these type headaches. My fibro started at age 12,, with headaches mostly,, the flu like achyness and depression came latter,, now that I'm in my 40s pain is very bad,, esp.tender points in shoulders across my back. My worst symtom has always been headaches,, as an adult my worst time is every yr. from last of march to last of may,, I think change of weather could make this time worse.

    I'm starting it now,, and I feel so defeated and so down I could just give up. this headache is like a vise grip on my ears,, the back of the head is a pain I can't even decribe,,it is very severe behind my eyes have pain,, light hurts my eyes and head,, like a migraine, is this the typical fibro head ache? or a pccipital headache? This is the type of headache I get with weather changes and storms,, only it is neverending in the spring,, I am so miserable,, I feel I need heavy duty meds pain meds,, cause nothing touches it.. Please tell me what meds you all take,, and what if anything can help with these headaches?

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    I have had a never ending headache for 30 years. It has been really bad this past week. My head feels like it is going to explode; like it is being squeezed in a vice. I'm blaming it on the low pressure system we seem to be stuck in.

    I currently take only asprin for it. I have tried every drug known to man, and nothing takes the pain away.

    What does help is rest, or sleep. I also had a cranial sacral release done the other day that helped to loosen up the muscles in the back of the neck. Neck stretches that I do every day also help keep things loose. Both my chiro and my PT tell me that my head is screwed on too tight!

    Good luck finding something that will help you. I feel your pain!
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    I have used Tiger Balm and cold packs on the back of my head/neck also with success.

    I hate icing anything because I am terribly cold-intolerant but it really helps me when I have the neverending headache.

    My sister had an un-dx'd chronic sinus infection for years that produced migraines that were largely unresponsive to pain meds. The only way to root out the infection was to be on a broad-spectrum respiratory infection antibiotic for an entire month. That finally broke the cycle.

    Anytime I hear of someone with a chronic headache that is unresponsive to meds, I automatically think chronic low-level infection.

    Acupuncture would also be helpful I think. I have used it and found it to be very helpful - it really seems to open everything up.

    I hope you do find something that makes you feel better.
    Madame Curie
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    I also have headaches,every day,feels like someone has a clamp aroud my head,and is tightening it.
    Also find the light,sun,bulb,whatever, makes it worse.The dr. tried me on some kind of med,dont remember what,the old brain doesnt work so good,anyway the med didnt help.
    Feel 4 U !!!
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    Ruled out sinuses? I take Boiron's Sinusalia (health foodstore) & it helps with this.

    Also have a magnetic headband that helps, or putting spot magnets on the sides of your eyes (mentioned above).

    There's also a machine out there some chiropractors are using for pain.........google photostimulator & there may be one in your area.

    Or you may need a non-invasive adjustment.

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    I had sinusitis cause lots of migraines and ended up with sinus surgery. Not recommended unless other meds can take care of the pressure and pain and get rid of the sinus infection, though.
    For sinus headaches, my magic pills were guaifenesin and propoxyphene, and a vicodin. Propoxyphene is now off the market, try sudafed if the meth-heads haven't taken it to a prescription-only med like they have here in Oregon.
    The tylenol in the vicodin and the sudafed (which affects blood vessel spasms) can cause a dreadful rebound headache-when the meds wear off, the headache comes back, worse. Triptans ie imitrex, Zomig, etc made rebound headaches worse. The only thing that worked here was methadone, which doesn't wear off for a lllooooonnnggg time, and phenergan, an anti-nausea med that puts me right to sleep so I can get past the migraine.