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    I do not sure if this is mirgiane or not. But, it is hard cuz I had heard a lot of people who have terrible pain with headaches. But for my case, it was not the same... This headaches was different. I often have problem with my ear ringing but though it has been related to my deafness since I had it since I was little. But then... I had terrible headaches and some veritgo (at different times) when I was teen. But then I was outgrow it (I'm 23 now). However I still do suffer the mild case of headaches and dizzy but not veritgo... ANyway, here is the symptoms I keep getting them... The dull pain would starts, mostly it can be related to my eye pain or my ear pain. It would be go on for next few days, sometimes for weeks or months then suddenly disappear. This pain was not severe enough for me to take any over counter pills. It was more like annoying one... But.. I noticed that at some periods I would get the "quick" sharp pain that felt like it stabbed right there, during at that period, I had to stop move or do whatever I was, I stopped listen, I stopped play with my daughter, and forth on. But luckily the pain was only happened about one minutes. However I do notice I keep getting them a lot, but only lasts one minutes but happened on and off.. I do also suffer some lighthead... Is this kind of migriane??? Thank you for taking your time to read this. I konw it is long. I am trying to not to write sooo long. I normally aren't really person that likes to vents. Sorrryyy.
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    I will have to look up. I had never heard of it. Thanks for response.
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    I suffer from headaches and have since I was a small child. I've had small headaches, medium headaches and big headaches and each have a different feeling to them. I've suffered from a severe headache disorder for about 10 years and with that comes severe migraines. I honestly have a headache every single day since 1995,
    no exaggeration!

    The medical community says anytime you have a headache, which is DIFFERENT from a "normal" headache for you and is either lasting more than a few days or that is reoccurring, you should seek medical attention. So the main thing to think about is if it is a different, uncomfortable, or concerning headache that you have not discussed (or even if you have but you still feel concerned) you should seek medical attention..... Either by contacting your Drs office or going to the ER depending on the severity, symptoms and concern.

    I hope it isn't causing you any problems but annoyance and may be nothing at all, but please at a minimum contact your Dr the first opportunity you get and discuss it with him/her.

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    cluster headaches, they get confused with migr, a lot. mine are in my left eye only and i get suicidal when i have them and with the cfs they are more frequent and longer in duration. the pain so bad i do not own a gun. 40 mgs of oxycontin twice a day is the only way out for me. tried every thing there is . bill be well

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