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    My husband started having intense headaches that would radiate down his neck, shoulder, arm, and down around his chest. At the same time, his eyes would go blood shot, and he would get "tunnel vision" and he said he feels like he's in a "zone".

    After two trips to ER, two CAT scans, an MRI, blood work, etc... no one can say what the problem is for sure. It has been 4 weeks now and most of the painkillers that he takes makes him loopy, but doesn't take away the pain. His doc suggested Shingles.

    I've been reading about Shingles and it sounds like it only takes up to 2 weeks for the outbreak. Last night he was rubbing his head and noticed a spot on his head about 2 inches long and an inch wide, he said it doesn't itch or hurt to touch, and quite frankly, it doesn't look like chicken pox, cold sores or anything, just a welt.

    Has anyone heard of Shingles taking 4 weeks to come on, no pain relief even with MAJOR pain killers, and a WELT?

    Thanks all!
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    This is the only thing that I'm able to tell you about shingles.

    My father had shingles over 3 years ago and then he ended up with them again last year. He got the shingles on his face right by his eye but he didn't go blind from it. His face didn't hurt at first. He woke up one morning to go to work and his eye was all swollen and he went right to the doctors and they said it was shingles. After the shingles went away that's when he had the pain and that's called PHN. But it affects the whole head from the nerve damage.

    If you need to know anything more you can ask the moderator to give me your e-mail because I might not check back here. I just happened to look and found your post and thought maybe this would kind of help you.