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    I was diagnosed with Fibro 7 years ago, I have had many migraines. For a week straight now I have had a constant headache that has made it very hard to work, eat, sleep, etc. Went to dr. - sent to hospital - CT scan (neg.) - told me I have muscle tension headache -- given tylenol with codeine and naproxen -- no matter what I eat or drink with these, I am still having lots of stomach pain and they aren't even helping my head........ anybody else have these headaches and are they associated with fibro?? I have to follow up with a neurologist - but not until the 20th........ ???????????????????????????
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    Part and parcel of FMS. I have only ofund one thing that helps, Excedrin Tension Headache. This is Tylenol with caffeine. No Aspirin. Maybe the Naproxin is causing the stomach pain? Try the Excedrin, maybe it will help you.

    God bless! Stephanie
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    Lately these past few months I have had a problem with severe headaches as well .. I'm still not sure what the "out of the ordinary" trigger is .. last night was a doozy .. scared the heck out of me.
    What I use are gel packs ( from WalMart ) that I keep in the freezer, I put it on what part of my head is aching .. and I'm fortunate enough to have a script for fiorinal .. advil extra strength for migraines as well when it is bad ..
    I understand how you feel .. headaches like that are monsters and it beats the heck out of us dealing with them.
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    I used to suffer from two types of headaches -- migraines and tension -- and had them frequently, when I worked.

    I missed a lot of work from these headaches. I also ended up in the doc's office frequently, etc.

    I was put on Zoloft and a beta blocker as preventative meds. They really helped a lot. My doc figured they were caused a lot by stress and I'm sure they were. The antidepressant helped on the stress; however, I always wondered why he didn't put me on some type of anti-anxiety med -- who knows!!! The beta blocker helped maintain the constant blood flow through my brain and heart, he said, which would prevent headaches.

    Now that I have retired, my headaches have stopped. I still have one every now and then, but nothing like what I had when I worked. But, I also now get tons more sleep, have practically no stress, etc.

    But, I am also past menopause. So, if my headaches were somehow related to hormones, that might be a reason why they have stopped.

    My mother and her mother grew up with migraines and tension headaches, too. Both of theirs stopped after hysterectomies and/or menopause. So, it might be that your hormones are off.