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    I have had a headache on and off daily for the past week. I see a new rhumey Monday should I wait and ask her about them? These just won't leave I have taken Tramadol 3 days this week ! I see my Chiropractor tonight hopefully its something that can be adjusted away but if not is this a symptom of FMS also ? Or could this be something else? I have also been dx with Sjogren's but that is in question, my PCP is sending me to another Rhumey to look into it? It has been wondered if I also have Lupus. Just checking to see where these headaches fit in. Feels like someone has forceps on my head. GRRRR
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    Bump for you ....
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    I had headaches for almost a year, daily, due to FMS. I even had a CAT scan and that was negative and MRI and that was negative. Once I was put on Prozac, my headaces went away and I rarely get one anymore.

    Check my profile to see the FMS meds I'm on. Not many... I take Lortabs for pain, but they don't seem to help a headache. Then I have to take more Tylenol as I can't take Advil, or Aleve because of the Diclofenac I'm on and interactions with other meds I take for different reasons.

    Yes, ask your new rheumy on Monday. I think it is FMS. But you really need to be sure so other things probably need to be ruled out.

    The neurologist I saw said I was having tension headaches, but my FMS was through the roof back then. I wasn't on any FMS meds then. Couldn't even fill out his forms without crying from the pain of having my head bent down. I was a real mess back then.

    I thank God for the current meds I'm on to at least give me basically good relief compared to what I was like in 1995. I finally got relief in 6/96.

    Hope you will feel better. Remember it won't go on forever.

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    I've had severe tension headaches and major migraines for about 30 years.

    Don't get offended, please .... but at "your age", the headaches might be hormonal--related to peri-menopause. I know some of my headaches were at that age. I am now 54.

    Also, stress causes a lot of headaches ... and at that point of my life, my doc put me on Zoloft and it was a WONDER DRUG then.

    Also, for my migraines, my doc put me permanently on a beta blocker -- which also helped. This med was to prevent headaches.

    Now, after menopause is over (or about over--how do you know it's over???? but that's another post!!!!!) and now that I have retired, I very seldom have a headache!!! (I had a partial hysterectomy at age 32, but kept my ovaries, so I did not go into normal menopause at that age.)

    You might discuss some of this with your doc.

    Good luck,

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