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    I was wondering if anyone has problems with headaches. I almost always have a headache. Sometimes it's just a little muscle feeling ache and sometimes I get a migraine. I usually take Advil for them and they let up, but a take zomig for migraines. I only get Mig. about once every couple of months now, but for a while I was getting them every week. They ALWAYS start with a sharp pain in my back between my shoulder blades or a little lower. I know when I get that pain that I'd better take a 1/4 of a zomig to try and ward it off. It works occassionaly, which is nice because I hate the side effects of taking a whole zomig. I can get a headache from laughing, or talking too animated and also if I bend over. Most of the time I just ignore them and take a couple of advil, but I find myself avoiding bending over to pick something up off of the floor, etc. Does anyone else have that problem. Another thing that I have going on that really bugs me is I can feel my eyes dialate when I go out into the sunlight. I ALWAYS wear sunglasses when I'm outdoors. It has it's perks though, I don't have any wrinkles around my eyes at all. At 50 you start to be concerned about stuff like that LOL!:) Well, back to work.

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    Try eliminating all aspartame and msg from your diet. They both can and have caused brain damage. They make me very, very sensitive to bright light. They have also caused me to have "cluster headaches".
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    Hi Cathy, I'm also Cathy. (and hey, we both spell it "right"!! - with a "C") :)

    Anyway, I'd take a look at the bending over thing. That sounds like sinus. Or, since you said they start in your back maybe pinched nerves or trigger points that get aggravated when you bend over?

    I've had migraines since I was about 12. I'm 36 now. I've used Zomig before, & it's ok, but right now my preference is Imitrex injection because it works instantly. Zones me out for a bit, but I'd rather be zoned out than in severe pain.

    Also, the other, most heinous headache I get is the Occipital Nerve headache. We've talked about this on here before- you can do a search on it. It's the darkest, blackest, most unearthly pain EVER in my life!! 10x worse than childbirth. Do the search, read about it, & see if that might sound like what you get. Although those aren't in the shoulder blade area, they are in the back of the head, base of skull, right behind the ear. And when this kind of pain hits, you begin throwing up right away (other people have reported the same thing).

    My dr has me on anti-inflammatories every day, for prevention. You might ask about that, since your back is involved. Ask about trigger points too - or even just sinus, since bending over brings it on.

    Good luck!
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    I currently being investigated by a few Neurologists & various other specialists as I've had a severe migraine disorder for about 2 years now. It was brought on by pregnancy and I couldn't shake them after. I suffer daily with very dabilitating migraines causing extreme sensitivities to light, sound, smell, touch & extreme visual disturbances & nausea....anything but laying in bed & taking Percocet. I've had no luck with preventative medications, nor do things like Immitrex or Maxalt work for me. I have a blood clotting disorder, and really shouldn't be taking them anyway. The catch is, is that I have 4 small kids....go figure. Well I just hired a nanny so will have some more time to rest. I hope that helps, laura
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    Hi Cathy,

    I have an array of head pain as they're not really "headaches" in the classic sense, and they're 24/7 no exaggeration.

    I have "migrainous-like" head pain attacks (HPAs), tension-like attacks, occipital neuralgia, etc. I've even had a few cluster head pain attacks - wow, were those bad!

    I have many trigger points one of which is right where you described in your shoulder blade. It's on my right side, and when I get a "migrainous" attack, the shoulder blade and entire right side of my body above the shoulder hurt like you know what.

    Unfortunately, the only med that helps me but not right away is Migtanal Nasal Spray as I'm allergic to triptans and sumatriptans.

    Perhaps you should try a preventive for the migraines.

    As for my daily head pain/pressure, I go for acupuncture and myofascial pain massage. After over seven years of living with this incessant head pain (I'm 32 now), I'm learning little by little how to cope with it...and yes, too much laughing even can trigger an attack of some sort! lol (ironic I'm laughing now! ha)

    NOTE: Oxygen is often considered the best treatmennt for most head pain attacks whether a migraine, tension/muscular, cluster, etc.

    I've found it to be very helpful...I believe it's 1 liter per minute for seven minutes...Ask your neuro about it. I have an RX for an oxygen tank...

    Hope you find relief soon...and keep a log (blow up a calendar and write in it - helped me) of what you eat and how you feel ... scents, foods, etc. can trigger all sorts of head pain attacks...

    To less painful days!

    LB32 (Leeza)
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    Hi again Cathy,

    Too much advil or any head pain medicine can sometimes trigger rebound headaches, so make sure to bring that up with your doctor...

    LB32 (Leeza)
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    I just started taking elavil in the evenings to help control my headaches. I'd gotten where the only escape I had was sleep if I could do that. My rheumatologist also wanted to send me to physical therapy for stretch and spray to work on the myofascial pain in upper back and neck hoping to alleviate some of this. The physical therapist they sent me to does not do this however. They started messing with my neck and head and turned my head a certain way and I had the most agonizing headache, just like that. Then they worked on the muscles around the spine in my neck and it went away. On the way home I went over a rough patch and boom, the headache was back. So I know it has something to do with the spine(mine anyway) and if a bump in the road can trigger a headache, just imagine all the things done daily that can do the same thing. However, this scared me and I told them I'm not coming back until I talk with my doctor. I think messing with the spine is a serious matter. On the bright side the elavil is helping some, they aren't quite as intense and I've even had brief periods without them completely. Usually in the morning. Its a blessing to wake up with out your head pounding right off, even if it doesn't happen often!

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