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  1. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    How often do some of you suffer from headaches. I am a bit worried cause some of the pain comes along with chest pain and shoulder pain.

    I have had pain like this before that we checked out and never turned into anything other than fibro. pain.

    I remember a couple of years back when I was hurting the worse in my ribs and chest. I had those self adhesive hot badages all over my ribs and chest.

    Does any of this sound famaliar?

    I am worried as always that a bad flare is creeping up. Or at times like this I am having a heart attack.

    Fibro. can represent itself in all kinds of ways I know.

    My head is killing me. I hope and pray that the headaches aren't back from 2 years ago.
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  2. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Migraines, headaches were an issue for me for 5 years before I was diagnosed with FMS & CFS.

    They ended up becoming daily & the pain was horrific.

    My worst cycle went for 23 straight days & I thought I was going to go "insane". The pain was there every waking moment.

    Headaches / migraines can come along with Fibro.

    The pain in your chest / ribs ===== another part of the Fibro.

    You may have a "trigger point / spot" area there that needs to be released. It can be difficult to find, if you do not know where to press yourself.

    Perhaps, your doctor can show you & show you how to release the pain yourself.

    For me with my daily headaches, I moved into BOTOX injections because that is the only form of treatment I respond to.

    It keeps me migraine free for an extended period of time.

    Good luck.

    == Elaine
  3. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    MUnderstand the pain both head and chest,shoulders.

    I think when it hits we have a tendence to tighten up.
    Have you tryed standing under a warm shower and letting it hit your neckand shoulder area?

    I know pop is not the best thing but sometimes if I drink a coke it helps. Also my chrio.

    Weather is hitting a alot of us hard right now.

    This fibro is a living nightmare but try to hang in there.
  4. GARY700

    GARY700 New Member

    Hi Sheila I'm stuck with CFS & Fibro all I can tell you is I had very bad headaches and was seen by several DR's and the only one that helped me was a neurlologist(sp) and he put me on Topamax .75mg twice a day and I have to say the headaches are about 90% gone and when you have severe headaches day after day 90% impovement is as close to a cure as you can get!Hope this helps ask your DR. Good luck Gary
  5. LaurieS

    LaurieS Member

    I think my latest fun with fibro started with a 2 week headache/neckache. I went to the ER not knowing the cause-never did find out, but since then my symptoms have become worse and worse and headaches are a nightly occurance. I get much relief from moist heat right on my head.

    I sorry you're suffering so, and hope you find relief.
  6. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I have talk to my doc and did go see him now my was mainly in head. You do not have pain on your left side do you?
    Reason i ask that i went to work about 3 years ago and was swollen all over headache and eyes swollen. Started hurting in chest and head throbbing. Could not get rings on.
    First thing he said was what arm and fingers are swollen and hurting was not hurting in neck.
    I said left he said get in here now! Went in and my blood pressure was so high i almost had a stroke. Never had high blood pressure in life. They made me stay in a room and gave me all these meds.
    Then daily, every 3 days, once a week we got my blood pressure under control. Talk about a silent killer.
    He got on to me afterward. My cholesterol is wonderful.
    i weighed 145 and 5 8. My dad had it and it was hereditary
    so I have to watch salt intake. He said it wouldnt matter if i was 80 lbs i would still have it.
    Scared me to death. Especially stupid me sat and watch my Dad get a terrible headache for a couple of days. He had high blood pressure. Then he goes to bed one night. The next morning he had a massive stroke.
    How stupid was i not to do anything. I had given him advil.
    that is in the past and over.
    Since all this i am really concerned about blood pressure.
    Like he told me i can tell when pain is elavated also your blood pressure goes up. thats scary but true.
    hope you are better
  7. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    I was wondering the same thing. My swelling is on my left side. Even had a spell where my blood pressure went and I had so numbness on my left side. Left thumb stayed numbe for severeal hours. I went to an urgent medical and by time I was seen my blood pressure was normal.I went to my regular dr. The next day and my bp was normal but I was told to keep a record of it for the next 2 months and come back.

    My dad had a stroke 3 years ago. And his dad had one and a few of my dads brother had strokes.

    I hope that I get some help before something very serious happens.

    I woke up again with a headache today. Hands so swollen I had to use a ton of soap to get my wedding ring off. I had the worse time with my ankles swelling. SO bad that my ankles and claves were almost the same size.

    Thanks for helping me with this. I was thinking the same thing.


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