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  1. shelly11

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    does anyone get headaches for hours with fm? I also have pain between shoulder blades. is this part of my fm too? please help, getting nervous.
  2. 3gs

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    I have headaches that last for days. One sent me to er.

    Think the pain between s blades is tension but yes fibro related/

    However you should see your doc and especially if this is new.

    hope your head stops hurting soon
  3. boltchik

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    So sorry you are suffering from headaches. There are many headache sufferers here. I have them on almost a daily basis and I am in the process of finding ways to treat them right now. I also have the pain through the sides and top of my head, into my neck and shoulders. My dr. suggested physical therapy and I have been advised that sleep is key in helping with headaches. I also think that mine are from sinus problems and stress, along with the fm.

    There are so many causes of headaches, you should talk to your dr. first and I hope he/she can help you get on a plan for relief. The over the counter medicine that helps me most is Execedrin migraine relief. But honestly, some days it is not much help at all. I am seeking answers right now for long term relief and I see my dr. again this Friday. I hope your dr. can help you soon. Keep us updated. Kim :)
  4. wordwarrior

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    Yes, Migraines are part of the deal. I have them for days. Pain between the shoulder blades are a daily occurance for me - feels like a jousting pole wen't through me and I'm walking around like that...