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  1. anj211

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    does anyone else on the boarsd also have problems with head pain i get a lot of weird painful shooting pains in my head at the moment i have it at my left temple it goes down to the back of my ear and even affects my eye and jaw on the left side anyone out there with cfs get pain like this.
  2. debshomeed

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    I have been having these ever since I have had CFS. The painful shooting pains and headaches are migratory, transient and happen randomly but are particularly bad at night. In fact, they wake me up at night like clockwork now. I also have sore, sensitive spots on the top of my head when this happens. Sometimes I also have had biting sensations, shooting pains in my ear, in my eyes and behind them and in my sinuses. I am very sure that none of this is related to colds, allergies, candida etc. In my case, I am suspecting it is some sort of parasite.

    Currently I am in the process of investigating these with my doctor, as they are becoming worse and keep me awake for hours.

  3. anj211

    anj211 New Member

    yes i also get the shooting pains u mention in your ear and eyes and behind them i have had these before to. let me no how u get on .
  4. hatbox121

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    I have FM but I get them too. The shooting knifelike stabbing pains.
  5. KHope

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    I also get the jab/jolts through my head. A neurologist gave me baclofen, a muscle relaxant for this and it has helped "calm" things down a bit. I have tried many headache meds over the years but this is definitely helping. They are 30mg tablets and I take two, three times a day. I have CFS/FM. Hope you get relief.

  6. 3gs

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    Yes! They have gotten so bad I have gone to th er.

    Do you have myofasical pain? Muscle relaxers might help. My chrio really helps me with this.
  7. faithinlove

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    Yes, I have these and ended up in the er. I hope you are getting better. Sometimes they just have to give me a shot and I have to sleep it off. There is only one word for these and it is horrible!
    God bless and better days ahead,