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    I have had a headache, amongst many other issues, for almost six weeks now. Starts in my neck and feels like my head is being squeezed tight. Anyone else with same? ticksmeoff1 Also, saw Under Our Skin last night in Mill Valley. Great movie!
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    I don't get the headaches but do have jaw and hip pain as

    well as muscle fatigue while walking. Have you tried

    acupuncture for the headaches? Have you found a Doc yet

    that you feel you can work with?

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    Hi again. . .cannot get into the Lymediseaseassociation.org/referral site. I try to log in, but it won't accept my password or let me change it. Very exasperating right now as my head hurts and every little thing seems to bother me. I ended up on a very informative site in my travels this a.m. and it gave the most detailed list of symptoms I have seen yet. Wondering if I am imagining things sometimes, but I sure seem to have a lot of lyme symptoms. Yes, I have TMJ pain. The rheumatologist says it is arthritis. Sometimes I can't even get my mouth open to eat. I also have arthritis in my ankle, knee, shoulder, wrists, neck and some fingers. Eye problems like photophobia and floaters, balance issues, hair thinning, fatigue, muscle weakness, sleep problems, stiff neck with these darn headaches and pressure, tingling and numbness in hands occasionally, problems with word retrieval( couldn't remember my best friend's last name)are just a few of my symptoms. Also, have had lots of weird rashes, especially on lower legs. The rashes sort of resemble some bull'e eye rashes I have seen, but also look like something called acrodermatitis. Enough of me. When do you see your doc? I used to work in a medical clinic and did referrals until my joints got so bad. I am wondering if there might be other alternatives for you? Susan
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    Did you try to get through on their e-mail?


    P.S. I'm gonna play the Pharmie Doc thru UCSF Hospital
    Infectious Disease Peeps. I know it will go NOWHERE but
    I've got to play it thru to the 19th hole! (Then I'm
    justified to hit the alternatives!)[This Message was Edited on 10/13/2008] The UC Docs are all IDSA and CDC
    followers. Won't be any "Alternatives" there!

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