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  1. gcalex

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    I get debilitating headaches, not true migraines in the sense that they are not one-sided and I don't have any aura, just severe pain and pressure in the forehead back through the center of the head, sometimes it feels like my brain is swelling out. Does anyone else get this type of headache with their CFS as opposed to classic migraine, and if so, have you been able to successfully treat or control it?
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    I don't get that type but I get migraines and they are horrible. If you have not seen your Doctor for them you reall should. It is very important to remember although we suffer with this DD not everything can be contributed and assumed to be part of the DD okay.
    I wish yo luck and hope that you will be sure to have them chacked out if you haven't.
  3. Echos

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    I also get severe migraines but have sometimes had what you describe. Mine ended up being due to a sinus infection. Have you had your sinuses checked or x-rayed? The pressure from your sinus can spread throughout the face and into the area of your ears and jaws. I would suggest that you consider having this checked by your PCP. When this happens to me, I feel as though my head is ready to burst. I get some relief with Tylenol Sinus tablets until I am able to see a doctor. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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    Hello gcalex

    I was getting these headaches which caused pain in the back of my eyes, temples, sensitivity to lights especially sunshine with these. I actually had to stop what I was doing and lie down. These came with brain fog, mental confusion and lots of fatigue. I don't know if the B-12 or Indocin helped but I get these rarely now. Scary, on my next appt. I'll ask my dr. I was diagnosed with mild arthritis and he also gave me a booklet about fibro, but did't say anymore.

  5. IndigoSC

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    That sounds like the kind I get from sinus infections or sinus pressure also. Even if you're not feeling very congested you can still have sinus problems, though, I've had that happen before.
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    were only treatable with a migraine med called Imitrex. It is in tablet form or self-injected. That was the only thing that helped me.
    Good Luck, I know they are miserable. Oh, it is only prescription form.

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    Gee, I wanted to edit and instead I hit delete. I wish it would ask if you are sure you want to delete. That would be nice. Maybe they can look into this since this mistake was made by a few of us I am sure. That is something I hate about myself lately. Seems I am always making mistakes.

    About the headaches. I have FMS and was getting headaches daily. Sometimes migraines, sometimes just like the one you describe. My General Practioner sent me to a Pain Management Doctor and on my first visit he made some changes in my Rx's. He gave me an Rx called Maxalt-MLT. I take it as soon as I feel discomfort across my forehead. It seems to help me greatly. I hope you get some relief for your headaches because I know how painful they can be. Take care now.

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    point injection and I have not had a headache since then and that was 3 weeks ago. I normally got up with a headache, it would wax and wane throughout the day and then go to bed with it at night. But no more I am happy to say. See if you can get your doc to do a trigger point injection, it will help you.
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    I have suffered from SEVERE headaches since a car accident in 1982. Recently dx'd with fibro, and doc and I figured this was all related. I always get them on the left side by my temple area (like an ice pick sometimes). My forehead on the left feels very tender and it feels like the blood vessels are bulging. I've had sinuses checked, migraines checked, brain tumor checked - all no. Even my eyes are giving me trouble now; they're sore and achy with shooting pain in left (yes, current doc knows). Previous docs said tension headaches. Unfortunately I get these headaches and they last for days or sometimes weeks. Haven't found anything to relieve pain and I kind of gave up trying. Seeing new rheumy in 2 weeks, so I'll see if she has any suggestions. Good luck to you!
  10. DebP

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    Yes!!! I get those headaches. My doc calls them Muscle Tension Headaches. And they are much worse when I am stressed. I take Fiorcet for mine, and it works great!! Next time you see your doc you should discuss trying this med, Im not sure how u feel about taking meds, but this one in my opinion, would be a good one to try. They sound just like the headaches I get and the Fiorcet has been a really big help with these!!!
    Hope you find something that helps!!

    Peace and Love,
  11. Hippo

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    I get headaches every day and take Ultram with a tylenol. It doesn't get rid of it completely, but at least takes it down to a manageable level. I have had headaches every day since 1979. My headaches were one of my first symptoms, and I had no idea it was the start of something so horrible.

  12. paulajo

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    I guess the biggest factor with mine is they seem to last days and I get so frustrated and tired of feeling bad. My headaches fluctuate in areas above my eyes like sinus to the back of my head. Sometimes it hurts to put my head on the pillow. I also get jaw and teeth aches. Currently I'm on neurontin 1200 mg per day for pain. This week it really got bad with nausea and pain in back of head and neck. My doc located trigger points that were sore and game me injections in those locations. I felt better in about 10 minutes and have continued to get noticiably better and better as time goes on. I normally don't miss any work but I know that my productivity and accuracy is diminished when I feel bad. Before this doctor I was using sinus meds, Tylenol, Imitrex, Alt-Max, you name it with no positive results. My neurologist and my current doctor (internal medicine) both say they are migraines even tho they don't put me in bed for days and I can still function. My current doc says the fibromyalgia is the cause of the headaches and cure is not really there right now but treatment is. I'm just sick of meds!!!!

    Good luck.
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    Your headache doesn't have to be one sided or you don't have to have aura to be a migraine! You do have to have a few symptoms, though, like sensitivity to light, noise, smells, or nausea, or cognitive difficulties. If you take a triptan drug like imitrex or maxalt or zomig or amerge, and it gets rid of the headache, then the headache was indeed a migraine because these drugs only work on migraines and nothing else. These drugs are expensive (12 to 15 bucks a pill!), but since there are lots of triptans competing for your prescription dollar, your doctor will probably have samples of several. I have migraines, Imitrax gave me bad side effects but all the others work for me.
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    Hi gcalex,
    The severe, debilitating headaches were my daughter first symptom of fibro. My daughter's headache started the second week of June 2002 by the 13th of June it had turned into a full blown MIGRAINE. I suffer from migraines also but have NEVER had anything like she does. She was only 10 years old when this all started. She has taken 7.5mg lortab every 4 hours with NO relief whatsoever. We have tried several medicines, she has taken Imitrex with no relief. Let me make myself clear she STILL suffers with the same headache that started back last summer. We have found that a combination of 20mg Elavil, 125mg of Depakote, and 125mg naprosen twice daily makes her life livable. She missed so much time out of school that we chose to take her out and homeschool her. At least that way we can work around the worst of it. She has both a ped. neurologist and a ped. rheumatologist both of which are at a loss for what to try next.
    My daughter's pain did spread on through out the rest of her body too. And it is just as bad and hard to control in the body as in the head.
    But through it all never give up keep searching. Make the doctors realize how bad you suffer.

    you're in my prayers,